Moonshine is a beloved spirit drink with a history that goes back to the American Revolution. The spirit is often home brewed; a process that has gone relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. Today, Moonshine is still made with the same techniques and has become a hobby to many across the nation. Those who wish to brew their own Moonshine need to understand the history behind the drink and invest in the proper equipment to ensure that it tastes just as good as it would have a hundred years ago.

Moonshine's home brew history began in the 1770s when a federal tax on liquors and spirits made the purchasing cost substantial. To get around the oppressive taxes, Americans began to make their own brew out of corn. In fact, farmers often sold Moonshine to feed their families during tough times. The home brew spirit became incredibly lucrative during the 1920s. The prohibition made the manufacturing and consumption of liquor illegal, so home brewed Moonshine became very profitable. Americans would secretly sell and consume the spirit in speakeasies across the nation.

Brewing Moonshine has become an art and hobby for many people. It's a persistent and complex task that incorporates beautifully crafted materials. Brewers can use a number of different types of stills available at to get started. The equipment is a statement piece that follows traditional design. Most stills are hand crafted in the same fashion as those from yesteryear. Copper Moonshine Stills are beautiful in nature, yet allow brewers to constantly reap their benefits. They are made of thick, polished copper and made in a number of different sizes. Brewers can choose to make small batches in a 1.25 gallon still up to large brews of 14 gallons.

Those who wish to fully experience the process of making Moonshine can choose to build their own still. There are many resources available to novice brewers. Stills are relatively easy to make, containing commonly available items. Brewers can make their personalized still for under one hundred dollars. With simple plans, brewers can craft their very own still as people would have hundreds of years ago. Plans are often very easy to read and completely fool proof, making it simple for anyone to construct their very own piece.

Anyone can relive a piece of American history by brewing their own Moonshine. With a simple visit to, brewers can find all the information they need to get started. With the numerous stills available, it's easy for anyone to find the still that suits their needs and get started. All it takes is a visit to to start the brewing process and begin enjoying a taste that millions of people have enjoyed throughout history.