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Monetize your mobile property with Facebook ads

The following document provides an overview for integrating Audience Network ads within Facebook Instant Articles:

1.  Authorize the use of audience network ads in IA

To do this go to Publishing tools -> Instant Articles -> Configuration

- A bit down the page, you will see "Tools" with the subcategory Audience Network, check the box in this area: 


2. Create Ad placement and get code

In Implementation Steps click on: Create ad placement and get code link:


3. Go to existing FB apps to create a new ad placement:


4. Name ad, select placement and format:


5. After clicking Save, bellow you will see Placement ID like this:


6. Give this Placement ID to your Account Manager and we will add it to your site. 


Once placement ID is added, it will take a few minutes for the ads to start filling.

If you aren't sure it was done correctly, you can use this URL to check:{placement ID}&adtype=banner300x250 (e.g. placement id is 1533557416952762_1533557433619427 =

Please make sure that your Payout Information is set correctly. 

Once your placement is live and receiving ads, your placement will go through a calibration period that may cause fluctuations in your CPM. This calibration can take up to 14 days.

In order to track your ads performance go to Audience Network and click on Performance tab:



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