Arcades were a multi-million dollar industry for close to a decade. The Atari 2600 was the first mainstream introduction to home video games, and over the subsequent years arcade turned from a massive industry to a water park sideshow or the second-most popular part of Chuck E. Cheese. The home video market continued to dominate into the 2000's. Perhaps the culture is in another transition- from home gaming to mobile gaming.

The Size of the Gaming Industry

Roughly 48 million people play games on a mobile smart device consistently. This is a staggering number. It is more than the number of people who go see a movie once a month. It is estimated that there is one active Internet-enabled mobile device out there for every American. The few that lack one are accounted for with the few that only at least two. It is a market that involves ages two to ninety-two and spans all demographics. 47% of gamers in the United States are women and 29% are over 50.

These numbers are reflective of a grand truth about the gaming industry. It is ubiquitous, and everyone is involved. It comes as no surprise to hear that gaming is a larger industry on a financial level than films and music. It is a larger industry than television and music combined.

Serious gamers have seemingly always reviled the casual game market because they believe it is the diluting overall quality. It hit a fever pitch when Nintendo created the Nintendo Wii and spearheaded the system with a game about virtual kayaking and tennis.

A Place for Hard and Casual

Gamers of all kinds are enamored by the best mobile casinos on the market, and these would rarely be deemed serious games. The website highlights casual games that have huge followings. No one would argue that a Mobile Casino Expert is being taken from Call of Duty to indulge in web gambling. They are entirely different markets. Mobile gaming and home gaming are both vital and necessary in the growth of the video game industry.

The truth is that there is probably a future for both areas of gaming. There are still arcades all across the country. There is no denying that the mobile market is in a complicated and stupendous upheaval. It has the potential to best all other fields of gaming and drive the industry far past the point of Hollywood films, television, and other entertainment mediums.