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About 4 yeas ago at 350 lbs . Long before @medranomma and 1yr into establishing #soulartistmgmt . My heart breaks for the guy in this picture...I love him so much ...but I am glad he doesnt live here anymore #byefelicia #cantstopwontstop #tbt#tbt
Current mood! LOVE LIVE LIFE! Remembering the best party I ever put on! Last year in Martha's Vineyard, @therealdougefresh holding down the mic @therulernyc (Slick Rick) just put his chains on me and I was on 100! It was a night to remember and a dream come true. Honestly, I'm just a kid from Jersey navigating these waters of life blessed to see another day. Let me tell ya people, give it all to God and get out of the way! Live it up, we only run this race once! It's time to take it to another level! Shout to all my VIRGOS lets go!!
- To those battling hardship, stay strong. Remember, even through our trials and tribulations all that happens to you is happening for you. Each day of life is a learning experience that prepares us for tomorrow. So don't get stuck on yesterday, be present today and do your very best. It gets better, it always gets better. #ThursdayMessage #LitaSays ❤️
I might not be moving as fast as you want me to, but I bet you're not moving at all. I challenge YOU to get up and get moving! #ms90isback #nodaysoff #noexcuses #ghn #curvygirlbreakthrough #curvygirl #day15
#Empire returns! Inside TV’s most provocative, unfiltered and diverse writers room where they “like crazy!” and bank on going off the rails. Preview season 2 of @Empirefox where A-list stars invade (Chris Rock as a cannibal?) and hints of a spinoff + tour abound with @JussieSmollett, @TarajiPHenson, @Traibyers, #BryshereGray, #TerrenceHoward (and of course, the writer behind it all, @TheOriginalBigDaddy.) |Link in profile| photographed by @ericraydavidson
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