As the title suggests, the 67 Steps to Wealth Health Love and Happiness is a guide designed to bring people to a state of inner utopia. This guide combines these four qualities together and implies that they are all connected to one another. In many ways then, this approach is holistic. Using other strategies in tandem with reading 67 Steps to Wealth Health Love and Happiness can assist people in reaching their greatest state of existence.

People need to make sure they are in the right mind set to tackle these steps. Achieving and embracing a positive mind are parts of the program, but starting off with this mindset is also productive. Individuals who begin reading the book with a negative attitude or who feel that the program won't work are unlikely to see results. Furthermore, individuals need to develop a sense of mental and emotional commitment to the program. Simply changing one's mindset is not always so easy; if it was, the world would not be replete with animosity, hate, and war. Working toward successful achievement means dedicating one's self to completing each task.

Individuals also must ensure that their bodies are in the right state. When people lack the energy to tackle basic tasks, adding another 67 steps into their existence is likely to prove arduous. Therefore, individuals who participate in this program should look toward a balanced diet that contains the proper nutrients. They should also work to integrate exercise into their routine. For those who have long despised exercise, looking into classes at the gym or team recreational sports in the community can dispel that hatred.

Some people like to choose balancing or meditating activities. For example, signing up for a yoga program can help people to find their center, and meditating at home can bring participants to a calmer state of existence. When individuals take the time to engage in activities that soothe both their bodies and souls, they will find themselves more readily able to tackle the 67 steps. These activities used in conjunction with the 67 steps can lead a person to a state of euphoria.