Thousands of businesses start up every year with owners having hopes and dreams of making it big. Unfortunately, every year, thousands of businesses also fail, for numerous reasons, from lack of advertising, not enough start-up funding or simply poor planning. What could have made the difference for these business owners is Mike Dillard. As an entrepreneur himself, Dillard built his business from the ground up by advising others on how to run their business. The gist of his business is he teaches other small business owners the correct ways to market their products or services on the Internet using what he terms "attraction-marketing" strategies.

In 2010, Dillard then went on to develop another educational company designed to educate others on achieving financial independence via investment strategies normally implemented by only the richest of today's businesses. All-together, Dillard's businesses have put together more than $50 million in revenue, all without the help of outside investments. Today, Mike is dedicated to mentoring other new businesses.

For new entrepreneurs, Mike is now offering a 7-day video training series which teaches individuals how to build their business, and build up wealth. This invaluable information is available for free on his website, where he currently has over 420,000 subscribers. Reading a Mike Dillard review will show the thousands of satisfied customers who have invested in The Elevation Group, one of his programs, which assists business owners in learning about investing strategies to significantly increase earnings.

Another place to do your research about the man who has created quite the business empire is Mike Dillard's Twitter profile. There you can follow the entrepreneur and be privvy to his insight and tweets. No expert ever recommends going it alone when you're starting out on a new business path. Why try and re-invent the wheel? Instead, take the advice off those who've gone the road before you. With the advice and mentoring of experts in the field, you can build a business sure to be a success. Read the words of the greats who've gone before you, study their advice and then start out with the knowledge to make your ideas a success.