Have you reached a roadblock in your current career? Perhaps you're struggling looking for a new job? You've got the skills. You know you're proficient in computers. In fact, you've got almost all of Microsoft Programs listed in the skills section on your resume. So why aren't the calls coming in?

Employers know that all too often potential candidates list every computer program they've ever opened on their resume. That hardly means they have the skills to actually put those programs to use. In fact, employers barely read over the skill section anymore, unless there's that main phrase they are looking for, Microsoft Certifications. All of a sudden this is not a candidate that is just listing programs they've heard the names of. A Microsoft Office Certification listed on your resume is something that shows an employer that an objective party has verified that you've achieved a level of competence with Microsoft programs. It also shows that you've made a commitment to learning the programs and taking the exams.

What is Microsoft Certification and how do you obtain it? A Microsoft Certified Professional is someone who has completed a professional certification program from Microsoft. They have passed the certification test and learned how to implement Microsoft products into practical business uses. To prepare for a certification test, it's highly recommended you complete a Microsoft Training program. The tests should not be taken lightly. They are designed to test a person's aptitude and ability to use Microsoft products in real life business situations.

Training programs are available online. You can choose to self-learn and take lessons on your own time frame and in the privacy of your own home. You also have the option of attending online classes led by an instructor. For some certifications, you may even choose to take in person classroom training. There is help available for any type of learner. Training can last anywhere from just a couple of hours online to 16 hours of in classroom training.

If you're ready to give yourself the competitive edge in today's tough job market, it's time to earn your Microsoft Certification Training . Having Microsoft Certified listed on your resume not only raises your chances of getting a preliminary job interview, but studies have shown that Microsoft Certified Professionals generally earn a higher salary. The job market is tough and getting tougher every day. Make the time and commitment to give yourself every advantage possible.