As distinctive a city as any in the United States, Miami is famous around the world for a number of different things. The city's wonderful beaches, of course, remain a major attraction, with the regular, dependable sun keeping residents bronzed and beautiful throughout the year. Miami's nightlife, too, is of a world-class kind, offering up excitement that does not end until the sun comes up over Biscayne Bay.

Although probably less well-known, Miami's residential real estate scene is also of a remarkable kind. Because the most desirable parts of the city are also so small in terms of space, developers have long sought to maximize the returns they extract from the parcels they work with. As with Manhattan far to the north, then, residential real estate in Miami is often an extremely dense sort, with condominiums dominating the landscape in many parts Bey Atmaca.

That is true even at the very highest end of the market, too. While in most of the rest of the country, condominiums tend to be aimed at buyers on a budget, that is not the case at all in Miami. Miami condos for sale regular command prices of millions of dollars, with some of these luxurious developments being among the priciest in the entire world to gain entry to.

At the Miami-Emlak listing site, visitors can easily see this for themselves. Simply having a nice view of the water is often enough to put a two-bedroom condominium unit into the million-dollar range, with those that actually stand on the waterfront itself going for many times that already lofty price.

Many local real estate specialists, in fact, have become trained to think of million-dollar condominiums as representing notable bargains, in quite a few common cases. Finding a condo at that price within a couple of blocks of Biscayne Bay, for example, that also offers good views of the city's downtown skyline is often thought of as something of an achievement.

For those from elsewhere who tend to think of condominiums as an inexpensive way to get started with real estate ownership, then, Miami's real estate market often has some surprises in store. Of course, there are still plenty of affordable housing options to be found elsewhere in the city, but its luxury condominiums frequently stand out in an impressive way compared to the norms in other cities in the United States. On top of the city's famed beaches, sun, and nightlife, then, its condominiums are another thing that makes Miami so distinctive.