The roof is the most important part of the house. This is because the roof helps protect the rest of the structure from the harsh elements of weather. The roof is also very instrumental in the preservation of the house’s foundation. This is because the roof structure collects rainwater and directs it to the appropriate drainage channels. The quality of the roof also plays a role when it comes to determining the beauty of the house.

Generally, beauty, affordability and utility are the factors that people look at when installing roofs. However, have you ever wondered whether the roof you have installed or are planning to install is eco-friendly? One of the green roofing options offered by a commercial roofers in miami is the amazing rubber shingles. Here are the reasons why as a homeowner, you may want to think out of the box when choosing a roof material and get rubber shingles.

Exactly what are rubber shingles?

This is a roof material that is made from a combination of old rubber tires, sawdust and slate. The shingles can easily be mistaken for wooden shingles. However, their durability and resistance to rotting and cracking set the material apart from the wooden shingles.

How is the material made?

As mentioned, the main components of the shingles are rubber, slate and sawdust. The material is made by removing the walls from old tires. The side that has threads is buffed. After the buffing process, the tire surface will be covered with either slate or sawdust. After this, the tires will be subjected to high temperatures and pressure to mold them into shingles. Plastic tabs are then attached to facilitate linking of one shingle to the other during miami roofing.

The benefits of this roofing material

* The material is very cheap compared to alternatives such as wood shingles, asphalt and metallic roofs.

* Rubber shingles can last between 50-75 years. This means that they will give you a lifetime of service before you start thinking about replacing them.

* The material is unique; this creates a new and fresh type of curb appeal that is good for the resale value of the house.

* The material needs little to no maintenance. As a homeowner therefore, you will not need to waste a lot of money maintaining the rubber shingle roof.

These are some of the things that you should know about this amazing material offered by the best roofer in miami. Visit this site for details.