A home is meant to be used, so the style of the building should always be practical and functional for the people who live in it. Then they can decorate around that basic shape, creating a good, balanced design. This does not mean that the home must be perfectly symmetrical, though many people prefer this look, but it does mean that everything should be fairly proportional.

After choosing the basic style, then comes the fun part. The user gets to pick out colors and different accessories, such as doors, windows, shutters, and a roof. For a color palette, many designers suggest finding two tints from the same color strip for the majority of the house, usually in a neutral color, and then accenting it with a bolder matching color.


Lighting should not just be an afterthought in exterior design; it should be an integral part. Not only is lighting an important part of home safety, but it can also call attention to a buildings best features. Some homeowners choose to give a soft lighting to the whole front of the house during the evening hours, giving the house a pleasant illumination. Others highlight architectural features of which they are particularly proud. Most people will at least put lights on either side of their front door and garage door so that they can easily make their way inside and see anyone else whos standing by their doors. Homeowners with driveways, especially long driveways, typically add lights at intervals along the drive to help keep their cars on track. All of this should be planned early on so that cables can be installed as everything else is torn apart for the remodeling anyway.


A house is not just the building. There is also property around the building, and that property should be properly designed to complement the house and not detract from it. For instance, smaller homes wont want large trees in front dominating the scene. They should stick with smaller shrubbery, and not too much of it, at that. They shouldnt be overwhelmed.

In addition to considering the house style, it is also important to plan landscaping based on the local soil and climate. For instance, someone may build a tropical home in Maine and try to plant palm trees, but it doesnt usually work out too well. Local greenhouses can help homeowners find local plants that will work for them.


Once the basic design is in place, its time to select the materials to shape this dream home. There are many choices with different pros and cons in regards to both aesthetics and function. For instance, a roof can be made of cheap easy-to-install asphalt or the heavier, more stylish, and more expensive slate. Siding can be made of anything from classic brick or wood to cheap and easily-maintained vinyl. Roofing or siding contractors in Austin can help a homeowner find the right fit for his design.

The main benefit of visiting roofing or siding contractors in Austin is that they have experience with many types of homes and many budgets. They can come to the site, see a homeowners plans or designs, and run through the best options to meet a specific situation. It is often helpful for the homeowner to get professional opinions during all stages of the design process. He can make his own decisions after listening to that advice, but at least hell be able to make an informed decision.

By: Jordan Rocksmith

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