Many people are nervous about going to a Melbourne vein clinic to have their varicose veins treated. They worry that having the veins surgically removed or treated with lasers will be painful and will compromise their circulation. In reality, since varicose veins are usually already painful, patients often feel tremendous relief after the veins are gone. In addition, the body does not use varicose veins, instead routing the blood to undamaged blood vessels. That makes those veins are essentially useless, as well as uncomfortable and unsightly.

In addition, varicose veins may indicate other problems with the cardiovascular system, especially a condition known as venous insufficiency. The patient may develop worsening problems, such as venous ulcers, rashes, swollen ankles and legs, and even blood clots. For a person's all-around health and well-being, it's important to seek help from doctors at a vein clinic melbourne. These physicians can identify what's causing the bulging veins and effectively treat them. The veins can be stripped away surgically or damaged with lasers to the extent that the body simply reabsorbs them.

The doctors also will determine whether any other cardiovascular issues should be addressed and provide guidance to the patient on how to prevent future problems. Attention from doctors at the vein clinic is invaluable for helping the patient live a long, healthy life.

Varicose veins often have another effect, which is psychological. A person may feel embarrassed about this condition and only wear clothing that covers the veins. This health issue commonly appears in the legs, leading a person to stop wearing shorts and never putting on a bathing suit. A woman may never wear a dress or a skirt anymore. Low confidence and impaired self-esteem can develop. If the person is single, he or she may avoid starting a new relationship because of the bulging veins

In addition to embarrassment, a person may become depressed because of the chronic discomfort that prevents him from doing activities he used to enjoy. He may start putting on weight if exercising makes his legs hurt. It doesn't matter whether varicose veins are common in his family, and it doesn't help to know that this problem is common in the general population. All he knows is the condition has decreased his quality of life.

With help from doctors at a vein clinic such as the Vein Health Medical Clinic, this person essentially has a new lease on life. After treatment, he can exercise comfortably again and feel confident about wearing more revealing clothing. Most importantly, he has the peace of mind knowing that he has done something very beneficial for his cardiovascular health.