Just about every little girl loves fairies and butterflies. If your little girl has a party coming up, you may be looking for ways to incorporate butterflies and fairies into a party her and her friends are going to love. Below are a few tips on how to accomplish this. Remember, start with the basics and then add on to make it a spectacular party without it being overwhelming.

You should start by thinking about the decorations and party supplies. Pastel colors work perfectly for a party like this, and they're easy to find. You may want to have napkins with butterflies or little fairy decorations to set on the table to complete the look.

The girls are going to need somewhere to play. A fun idea is to have a dress up center with a tea party they can enjoy. They'll love playing in fancy dresses you can find cheaply, and the tea party is sure to be a hit.

One fun feature you may want to include is face painting. The girls are going to love having a butterfly or fairy painted on their face. They'll also love seeing all of the other creations painted on their friends' faces.

During the party, you may want to have a fairy stop by and participate in their tea party. With a Melbourne Costume Hire, you can have someone dressed as a fairy to play with the girls and enhance the entire experience.

You'll also want to consider party favors for each of the girls. A fairy wand can be something they'll play with often after they go home. Stickers with butterflies and fairies are also something to consider, as most of the girls are going to love any stickers they can take home.

When you plan the perfect party, all the girls are going to enjoy themselves. Take your time and plan ahead to make sure everything turns out perfectly for your little girl's party. Start by thinking of the decorations and where they can play. Then, add in face painting and a Face Painting Melbourne to make the party extra special. Each girl can then take home a small party favor they're going to love to remind them of how much fun they had with their friends.