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Why I'd Rather Stand Up Straight Than Lean In
In response to Megan Berry

Love this piece. As I've been reading Lean in, I've been thinking that it's more important for managers in general to read to be aware of how they might subconsciously treat men versus women than a manifesto for every woman. To Kristin's point here, "leaning in" might not mean the best quality of life, most happiness or other traits. The real goal in my mind, is getting to a point where women don't have to lean in unless they want to. 

Lean In has some great points about how women tend to be more quiet, more "nice" and less willing to ask for the promotion or raise. This is a generalization, but also incredibly useful information for any manager who can then think about their group and whether they're giving too much attention to those who ask for promotions and overlooking those who are doing a killer job but pushing for the company over themselves. These people (and they could be men or women I think) might be better investments for a company in the long run anyway. 

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