Marijuana has long been thought to be a gateway drug and to have horrible side effects. It was also thought to be addictive and many people felt that it might lead to alcoholism as well. Now that it is becoming legal in many states, 20 at last count, and medical marijuana consutling there has been a marijuana inventory tracking solution invented, more and more states are at least seeing the benefit of having marijuana legal at least for medical use.

While there is a way to institute a seed to sale tracking system, many people are still against the use of medical marijuana. Below you will find some of the major health benefits that marijuana is said to have. If you are on the fence about legalization, you will want to weigh these health benefits against the supposed side effects first before making a decision.

Dravet's Syndrome

Dravet's Syndrome is a syndrome that causes massive seizures and serious developmental delays in children. One parent who treats his five-year old daughter with a low dose of THC has reported that the drug has reduce her seizures from over 300 a week to maybe one every seven days. The drug is being used in about 40 other children and is said to be having a great effect on their seizure activity.


Ithas been said that one of the chemicals in marijuana has been linking to stopping the spread of cancer. A chemical called Cannabidiol is said to stop the spread of cancer by turning off the Id-1 gene. The study was done for breast cancer and the results were very positive. Now that there is seed to sale software available, there is no reason that this type of marijuana should not be used to help people with these diseases.

Decreases Anxiety

This is one of the benefits of marijuana that has been known for years. People who are known to smoke have reported constantly that smoking calms them down and stops them from having anxiety attacks. This helps to improve the smoker's mood, which keeps them from becoming agitated and depressed.

These are just a few of the health benefits that have been said to come from medical marijuana. If you are still on the fence, you can visit for more information today. From decreasing anxiety to stopping cancer from spreading, marijuana has proven to have its uses and people need to take notice.