Internet marketing took only a few months to catch hold when the Internet launched into the mainstream. But the early adopters were exploring this vast world and only beginning to see the possibilities. Fast forward 15 years and the system still relies on credibility, quality, and authority. Companies that cheated the system are now more transparent. Why is this so? What are the leading reasons why marketing has evolved, and largely for the better?

The Power of Google

MD Media Co. knows the importance of Google in just about every facet of web marketing. Firstly, SEO is intimate tied to Google. The strategies in SEO marketing are so because, well, Google says so. This may seem like tyranny to some, but fortunately Google is a company that really pushes the envelope in their workplace (Google always ranks as one of the best places to work) and their systems. Google adding uniformity to the system has pushed out cheaters and brought in healthy competition.

Easy Barrier of Entry

It really is not difficult at all to get on the web with a ‘company.’ Sure, many of these brands may never make over a dollar, but the fact that they have a chance to be very successful is extraordinary. The playing field is level forcing larger entities to really stay on their toes. The marketing from is always evolving and staying ahead of the competition, which is what makes them such a great choice. Their systems are top-tier- because they HAVE to be. If they weren’t, everyone would know it and the competition would blaze ahead.

Social Media and Community

This leads directly into the last major change in web marketing, and that is social media. Now it is not exactly the presence of social media marketing. It is the community that shares information instantly. For example, a dumb comment could be made on twitter. It is shared not once or twice, but to millions of people (potentially) in a few hours. In other words, brands have a higher responsibility to be culturally aware and conscious, and this makes them a whole lot more transparent.

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