Parents always want the best for their child. After they get the news that their family will be growing, they will begin shopping for a quality crib mattress for their baby. It's important before heading to the store or searching on line, they understand what to look for in a mattress. A mattress should be very comfortable for a baby, but the most crucial thing is it is firm. Placing a baby to sleep on a soft mattress tremendously increases their chances for SIDS or suffocation. The mattress should be firm as well as comfortable.

If parents are concerned about the baby and mattress experts chemicals in the mattress, they can purchase an organic mattress. Mattresses that are organic are more expensive. One of the best ways to know that a mattress is made of organic materials is to look for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This is a globally uniform certification that can ensure parents there are not heavy metals and PBDE's with the mattress. PBDE's are flame retardant chemicals that include vinyl and polyurethane. They can emit gases that are toxic and could harm a baby.

Used mattress may or may not be safe to use with a baby. In some cases, fluids from the previous baby using the mattress could have entered the mattress. This could have resulted in bacteria or fungus growing with the mattress. A parent should never use an air mattress for a baby's bed. They are too soft and a baby could very easily suffocate.

The Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby should be chosen between an innerspring mattress and a foam mattress. An innerspring mattress can be more expensive than foam. It's important to determine what the gauge of the springs are. The coils should always be made of a 15.5 gauge of metal or lower. It's not only the gauge that's important; it's the number of coils. There should never be less than 135 coils in a top infant mattresses. These mattresses will last through the 3 years that a baby will normally sleep within a crib.

A foam mattress is very light at 7 to 8 pounds. The thicker and denser the foam, the heavier the mattress will be. When looking at this type of mattress, push into the foam with one hand. After depressing the foam, remove the hand and determine how quickly it regains its original position. The faster the foam rebounds, the better the mattress is. Keep these helpful hints in mind when choosing bedding for a baby. The best beds for babies can be confusing, but not when a parent is armed with this helpful information.