Mastiffs are a great breed of dog that can easily become a loving part of the family. While they may seem intimidating due to their size, history has shown that the Mastiff is one of the noblest breeds out there. Owners should do all they can to keep their furry family member healthy. While these dogs are robust and regal in nature, they can experience a number of different health effects.

One of the most common problems faced among these dogs is joint problems. These issues can cause immense pain and make it difficult for them to perform everyday tasks. It's quite easy to spot a dog that is experiencing pain. Owners will able to immediately see the signs. Dogs will often move very stiffly, walking with awkward movements and a limp. Furthermore, they may have form an aversion to climbing up stairs, eventually growing temperamental. Physically, owners can sometimes see the joints swelling underneath the skin.

The Common Joint Problems for dogs can stem from a number of different issues. Hip dysplasia and other developmental problems can lead to joint issues, such as arthritis. These issues are hereditary, only showing up as the dog ages. As the dog grows up, the joints do not develop correctly, causing pain. Metabolic issues can also cause joint discomfort. Dogs with hemophilia will often experience bleeding in the joint. This will eventually lead to arthritic problems. Cruciate ligament problems are one of the most common cause for joint pain. This occurs in older dogs as they age. The ligaments eventually degenerate and lead to pain.

While the thought of joint problems may seem daunting, you'll find that keeping your mastiff healthy is an ongoing process that will become second nature. There are a number of ways to treat joint issues depending on severity. Veterinarians will examine the dog and recommend the best course of action. In most cases, a combination of diet change, exercise, and medication can do wonders. More severe cases may need surgery.

It's important for owners to take care of their Mastiffs. They are a noble breed that can bring a lot of joy to a family. All it takes is a bit of guidance from a veterinarian and a lot of patience to treat joint issues. With proper care, Mastiffs can live long and healthy lives.