Securing your home or business is a common priority for property owners. One of the first lines of defense in providing adequate security is quality locks. However, over time locks can decrease in function and be breached by potential thieves. That is why it is important to stay on top of all securities. From time to time it is important to have the integrity of your security inspected to ensure efficiency. A Marysville locksmith can assist you with determining whether your locks should simply be replaced or re-keyed for your safety.

What is Re-Keying

Depending on the types of locks you presently have on your home or business, the re-keying process can be very simple to have done. Basically, a Lynnwood locksmith will change the tumblers that are inside of the lock. This will move the ridges present inside of the lock to move into a different position. This way, the old keys will no longer fit into the lock. Therefore only those who have the new keys are allowed to enter the home.

Why Consider Re-Keying

One might consider re-keying their locks for several reasons. One of the first reasons is because it’s a lot more affordable than replacing all of the hardware, and there is no need to make cosmetic repairs (i.e. paint the doors) as a result of the re-keying process. Considering re-keying might be ideal if you’ve recently moved into a new home or you’ve recently let go several employees that previously had access to the building.

Replacing the Locks

When your locks are old and worn down, there is no other way to maintain property security than to have them replaced. This process of course requires the Edmonds locksmith to remove the old lock and all of its hardware and replace it with new locks. While this is more expensive than re-keying, it is highly recommended for those with damaged locks. It is ideal to consider having your locks replaced if your locks no longer work, or if someone has recently broken into the building or your residence.

When it comes to matters of safety and security either for your family or for your staff, it is important to always consider enhancing the locking systems in your place of business or residence. An Everett locksmith is the main qualified professional to get the job done for you efficiently. They can conduct an audit to ascertain how you can better enhance your security and provide the best recommendations on the best locking systems to invest in. So take the time to consult with a locksmith today to provide peace of mind that the things you treasure most are well taken care of.