One of the main types of coverage that your local tempe insurance agent provides is homeowners insurance. This type of coverage is quite important for several different reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason that you need to get homeowners coverage is that your mortgage provider requires it. When you sign a contract to purchase a home, you will agree to a number of different stipulations.

Homeowners Coverage: Required By Your Mortgage Holder

One of the biggest of these stipulations is that you secure and maintain homeowners coverage until the time that your home has been paid for in full. The reason that mortgage providers require you to have arizona state farm agents is that they want their homeowners to be able to rebuild in case of a disaster. If a homeowner couldn't rebuild in case of disaster, they might be far less likely to continue making faithful payments on their mortgage. Having this type of coverage is beneficial for both the homeowner and the mortgage holder.

Homeowners Insurance: Protection For Your Home and Contents

Perhaps the best reason to get homeowners insurance is that it provides multiple layers of coverage for you and your home. Your home itself, including the house and all the other physical structures attached to the property, is provided for in your homeowners policy. This means that when any type of major disaster happens, for example a fire or a burglary, you will get compensation that is sufficient to rebuild or repair the home as needed.

The inner contents of the home are similarly covered under your homeowners policy. All of the personal possessions, like furniture and clothing, are typically covered under the terms of this policy. In addition to that, high value things like jewelry or coin collections may also be covered. The exact contents coverage of your policy may vary, so it is important to discuss the details of coverage with your agent.

If you want to get coverage for anything particularly unusual, speak with your insurance agent about an insurance rider, an addition to your policy that gives you the extra coverage you need for a small added monthly fee. If you need to get new homeowners coverage, consider calling local state farm insurance agent mary contreras. She has years of experience with insurance coverage of all types, including homeowners coverage and auto insurance. If you want to get a discount on your coverage, ask about bundling your coverage together!