When some people hear the phrase "martial arts", they often think about old action movies or violent sports competitions. The truth is that the martial arts can benefit individuals in many ways that are not only healthy, but fun. People are seeking out martial arts classes these days in order to accomplish a number of personal goals. These goals may include weight loss, toning up their bodies, and improving their motion and coordination, in addition to learning some basic self-defense. Practicing the martial arts can provide a good cardio workout, increase your core strength, and increase your flexibility.

One of the extremely positive aspects of studying martial arts in Ottawa is that it is not limited to one age group or gender. Children can use martial arts training to get into better physical condition, learn self-discipline, and improve their mental focus, while building their confidence and self-esteem. Adult martial arts training can follow one of two paths; self-defense and kung fu, or MMA and kickboxing. The first path will emphasize all aspects of self-defense, teaching the students effective striking and kicking, takedowns, locks, and throws.

In addition to providing an outstanding workout, it can also prepare the student in the event of a street attack. The MMA and kickboxing course will focus on teaching a full-body kickboxing style which combines kung fu, kickboxing, and Western boxing. This course also includes instruction in the Hayastan Grappling System, which has some of the most effective submission and takedown moves in all of the martial arts. Family martial arts classes are also available and can be a great way to get some quality time together, while learning important skills and working out.

If you are ready for some serious workouts and physical and mental challenges, professional martial arts instruction can include Warrior Fitness training. This is a highly-focused training regimen designed to help you get into peak physical condition in a short period of time. In addition to getting you into the best possible shape, you will be taught kickboxing and martial arts, while burning up to 800 calories per hour. Classes are never boring and you will drop extra pounds, tone up, and learn valuable competitive fighting techniques. Your instructor will help you to reach your fitness goals and feeling better about yourself.