The whole point of a sales and marketing effort is to build recognition of the brand and motivate consumers to purchase the products offered. In the competitive market that exists today, the ideal approach must include attention to traditional as well as newer mediums. This is where the idea of including elements of online marketing in the mix will make a difference.

Website Design and Promotion

It is not enough to build a great website. There is also the need to get the word out about that site. Unless consumers know it exists, traffic to the site will be low, and the return on the investment will be nil. Choosing to devote time to the process of Website Marketing is essential if the owner really wants to build an effective online presence.

The thing about marketing a website is that the business owner can make use of offline and online methods to accomplish the task. Traditional approaches like direct mailing pieces and advertising in local media will help get the word around. At the same time, choosing to establish a presence on social networking sites and include links back to pages found on the website will also help build an audience. Even things like creating blogs based on subjects related to the products sold by the company provide the opportunity to direct readers back to the company website.

Online Advertising Strategies

While the website is the foundation for the CRM implementation effort, there are other approaches to include in the overall strategy. An example is the use of banner ads to promote specific products. Spending money to develop and place those ads on websites related to those products will help drive traffic to the main site. Think of what would happen if a banner ad for a garden supply shop was placed on a gardening blog with a high readership. Many readers will choose to click on the ad, check out the products offered, and move on to placing an order.

Another online approach to consider is the possibility of text advertising. This approach provides the chance to share quick messages with a targeted audience. By including a way for smartphone users to quickly navigate back to an online store or a blog post that is of interest, the chances of building name recognition and earning a new customer or two are greatly enhanced.

Coordinating Efforts

Whatever strategies are included in the sales and marketing effort, it is important to make sure they are coordinated. Even things like colors and the use of slogans should unite each of those advertising options. Using a partner like My Sales Butler will make it easier to ensure the campaign is unified and the results generated are tracked properly.

Visit My Sales Butler and check out the options for help with advertising, website design, and even direct mailings will come together in an effective way. After one campaign, the business owner will never want to be without this resource.