For all of its unquestioned benefits, the sun can be difficult to deal with, too. This fact is evidenced probably most pointedly through a bad case of sunburn, and those who remain in the sun without protection for too long increase their risk of contracting skin cancer. Some of the problems associated with the sun are of a less forbidding kind, but they can be dangerous, too.

Sun glare, for example, regularly contributes to car accidents and other mishaps that take a significant toll on human lives and health. Few drivers have gone without the experience of coming over a hill or making a turn only to be blinded by the direct glare of the sun, and these moments of confusion and near-blindness can be among the most challenging related to driving a car.

Sunglasses, of course, can help greatly to minimize the impact of these issues, and many drivers rely on them extensively to keep themselves and their passengers safe. There are a great variety of sunglasses that are appropriate for driving, with many of them featuring advanced technologies like polarization and potent anti-glare coatings.

That is not to say, though, that every pair of sunglasses is meant for every driver or potential owner. People who rely extensively on reading glasses, for example, often find it inconvenient to keep a second pair around just for driving protection, as this can add unduly to the burdens of their daily lives.

Fortunately, there are glasses that can function both as effective driving glasses and as the kinds of reading aids that so many need. The Hawaiian Lenses sunreader line, for example, is made up entirely of glasses of just this sort, and they have proven to be very effective and convenient for those who can make use of them.

The Edge II reading sunglasses, for example, look for all purposes like normal, stylish sunglasses. They provide all of the glare-cutting power of good driving glasses, ensuring that drivers will not have to deal with this dangerous, distracting phenomenon. At the same time, they have a built-in reading lens that makes it easy for drivers to switch seamlessly from focusing on the road to checking a map or otherwise focusing close-in, making the whole process of driving that much safer and easier.