Chiropractic is a very noninvasive method of recovery and maintenance that dispenses drugs and surgery, thus avoiding side effects and hospitalizations. The chiropractor performs a full initial examination of the patient that includes a structural study, inspection of the spine's biomechanics, clinical history, physical examination, thermography and/or X-ray study. Following this analysis, the physician decides the type of adjustment to be received by the patient, something that is practiced accurately and safely. Also, they indicate the type of nutrition, postural hygiene and exercise recommended for each particular case. The case may require the chiropractor, like Dr. Manfred Alkhas M Div DC, to refer the patient to another health professional (the same way they send patients to a chiropractor). This professional relationship is common with neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, rehabilitation, oncologists, internists, and gynecologists.

There is no patient "type" when it comes to chiropractic medicine. Anyone can benefit from Chiropractic: from healthy people seeking prevention, to people with chronic diseases. For all ages: infants whose column suffers at the time of delivery; children who bear the burden of their backpacks, long hours at desks or falls on the playground; adolescents undergoing constant change; adults with severe life rhythm and / or sports injuries; pregnant women with frequent pain in the joints of the lumbar and pelvic area; and older people who want to improve their quality of life.

Although most patients use chiropractic medicine as an effective therapeutic method against disorders that occur in the query, its greatest virtue is that of being an efficient method of prevention against future ailments, due to its ability to optimize the nervous system and improve your body care. An increasingly high percentage of chiropractic doctors use their skills for preventive health.

What extra benefits come with seeing a Chiropractor? Although chiropractic medicine demonstrates its efficacy against backaches, neck or head pain that patients have every day, it is a therapy that goes further towards the overall health of the patient. People who come to the chiropractor usually feel an improvement in their quality of life. Besides getting a solution to their mechanical problem and thus relieving pain, patients often experience better sleep, reduced stress, and a stimulation of the immune system. Contact Manfred Alkhas chiropractor to learn more.