Most large businesses today want access to the latest and greatest computer technology, but the price tag for that technology is pretty steep. Its possible for large or small businesses to have access to the latest computer technology without having to invest thousands of dollars in the required hardware and software. Many businesses have turned to managed it services in Edmonton. A managed IT service is one that includes the necessary hardware to operate the latest in business and productivity software without having to operate any of the hardware on site. The service provider for the managed it services Edmonton businesses rely on for their computing needs will operate and maintain the hardware for a flat monthly fee.

Computer technology has a way of getting ahead of its users. As businesses invest in the technology they need to run the software they depend on newer and better technology is being introduced. In short there is no way for a business to keep up with computer technology without wasting huge amounts of money. Businesses that invest in their own computer hardware will find that even if they have the right hardware to run current software they will need to upgrade in a few years.

When it comes to computer network support Edmonton businesses that invest in their own hardware have an ongoing cost. Not only do they need to pay to keep the hardware running, they also have to pay an IT support staff to make sure the hardware keeps running. It seems like some businesses are paying for their computers several times over. Businesses that use hosted services simply pay a flat monthly fee, and enjoy the reliability and reduced cost that comes with their service plan. Hosted service providers have their own support staff, with costs already built into the service plan.

Service providers such as SC Systems offer plans to any business, large or small. If a business need to support one hundred users with a full suite of productivity and office software there are options that will fit those needs. For a company with just a few employees a smaller plan would be more cost effective. Businesses only pay for what they need. There's no additional cost for support, and in most cases there is no fee for setting up the plan. Plans are offered in packages and a la carte, meaning that if a client needs a specific hardware configuration they will get exactly what they want to pay for.