Electricity has been deregulated, which means there is an open market for any Electricity Supplier in CT. You can choose the company that supplies your electricity and take control of your costs. Shopping for the best rates can save you money every month on the electricity you currently use for your home of business. Rate plans come in two basic types, which are variable and fixed. Switching your supplier will not result in a disruption of your electricity service, and there are no changes in your current billing. The only change you will notice is the rate you pay for electricity.

Variable rate plans are based on market conditions. You can pay one price one month, and a different rate the next month. That rate may be slightly higher at times, but it can also be lower at other times. This plan allows you to take advantage of lower rates during the months when the price dips. The drawback to this plan is that you won't know the amount of your bill from month to month. This makes it harder to budget your expenses and resources.

If you choose a fixed rate plan with you Electricity Supplier in CT, You will pay a single rate for the length of the contract. Most contracts are for one year, but check with your supplier to be sure. With this plan, you will not reap the benefits of lower rates, but you won't have to pay a higher rate either. If you are on a fixed income or a tight budget, this may be the best way to go. Your electricity rate will be constant, and easier to plan on from month to month. Large businesses that use over 20,000 kilowatt hours per month can call Abest Power for a custom quote for rates.

Residential and commercial customers are currently served in Connecticut, Massachesetts, and New York States. Renewable and green energy options are also available. This primarily Electricity Supplier in MA has an affialite program for current customers. You can earn money by referring new customers to the company. If you are happy with your service and your rates, you can help others save on their bills and be rewarded at the same time. See the website for full details regarding the affiliate program and how you can sign up for it. Take the time to compare rates for electricity. You may find that you can lower your rates and your monthly bills.