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Blog Tour About Writing

Photo: Laura Fay for Seminole Gulf Railway LP

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour, where writers answer four questions about writing. Click on a question to see my answer.

1.What are you working on?

2.How does your work differ from others’ work in the same genre?

3.Why do you write what you do?

4.How does your writing process work?

Want to back up on the tour? Read Laura Valeri's answers here.Thank you, Laura, for including me on the tour! Check out Laura's two wonderful books of short stories,The Kind of Things Saints Do and Safe in Your Head.

Ready to go forward?

Bob Brinkmann is the author of Florida Sinkholes, a topic I find fascinating. He blogs atOn the Brink about the environment, sustainability, and higher education.

Brandon Haught wrote Going Ape, about the battles over teaching evolution in Florida. Yep. That topic is still up for discussion.

Laura Keane is at work on an autobiographical novel, Sex & Drugs & Real Estate, a coming-of-age story in 1980s Florida.

What train is that in the picture?

It's the Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Fort Myers. Check it out at the Seminole Gulf Railway.

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