The real estate market can be competitive when it comes to being able to sell a home or find a new one. A professional real estate team with over ten years of experience will navigate those waters for you and make sound recommendations based on a market analysis. The Levein Team in Louisville, Kentucky is one of those teams. For more information, visit The services that you'll get from a full-service realtor include computerized listings, market analyses, international relocation services, price counseling, and notary services.

Real estate companies are the ones that list multiple new homes come on the market. Those interested in browsing Louisville real estate listings can search them online or get them on their mobile phones. Computerized listings show pictures of each home's interior and exterior features, which offers you the experience of a virtual tour. It's not a substitute for stepping into the home during a showing, but it does help narrow the list of which homes you'd like to see. If you're selling your home, it's a great marketing tool to stimulate buyer interest.

A market analysis is what a trained real estate professional will do once you decide to list your property. He or she will look at the neighborhood your home is in, your home's condition, its features and selling points. The market price for the home is what buyers are willing to pay. The list price is a starting point of negotiation. Depending upon market factors, some homes end up selling for more than the list price, the exact list price, or less. A real estate agent will break down in detail what kind of profit or loss you can expect for different possible closing prices, depending on your financial situation. The amount of any existing mortgage loan and whether you need a down payment for a new home will affect your profit.

One of the great things about using a realtor is that he or she can offer relocation referrals. If you're selling your home in one market and moving to a different city, your realtor can put you in touch with a realtor in your new area. This helps ease the transition to a location you're not familiar with. The realtor you're referred to will have a good grasp on average home prices in the area and single family Louisville homes you'll get a better sense for what you can afford. For instance, if you're moving from a rural area to a larger metropolitan city, a local realtor will show you what your current mortgage payment will buy and help tailor your expectations.

Using a professional real estate company saves time by allowing you to look at multiple listings according to your needs. Whether you're searching for a new home, trying to sell a current property or both, a trained professional will guide your search. A comprehensive set of services and information, including market analysis and computerized listings will narrow down the best fit for individual needs.