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Shocking data on the interaction of mental and physical health

Another test is to pick someone A confident attitude.
Anyone who stands up straight, shoulders back and pronounced
the sternum is impossible to feel uncertainty. They are just
impossible to say 'I can not do. " Of course, this works
interactively. Anyone wandering with curved shoulders and he lowered his head will feel disheartened and

"The is a body and soul constantly strive to find a balance," explains Dr. Wolf in her book, the title of
which is "Recognize Feelings Treat
Problems ". We can always count on this
interaction. Any form of posture leads to
specific thoughts and emotions and vice versa.
Using this information one can capitalize on changing the posture of that
changed his mood, especially if you feel uncertain or
defeatism. Soon he will feel refreshed and happy. OR
disposal will soon follow his posture.

In the long term, the activity is a good way to
achieve mental wellness. "With these physical activities,
you can really get your body to its limits and
you reach the peak of your strength, "she says. Not easy
stresses your body more than you want, but doing
hormones are released that make the athlete feel

Alcohol and measure: the expert advises

It is a pleasure for most, since it is the 'necessary' friends in the eating, the evening out at a celebration or anniversary. Alcohol does not cease to be, however, a compound with effects for the human body, but also a lot of calories without essential nutrients, when consumption exceeds limits.

Ethyl alcohol is the product of fermentation of carbohydrates and included alcoholic beverages at various rates. When broken down in the body gives seven calories per gram, which are considered "empty" precisely because there are nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. General guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption are as follows:

0-1 serving of alcohol a day for women (12 g. Alcohol)

0-2merides alcohol per day for men (24 g. Alcohol)

A serving of alcohol equals 330ml 120ml beer or wine or 45ml whiskey or vodka or gin or rum. An alcohol serving contains 12 grams of alcohol.

According to the World Health Organization recommended to avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or if the person suffers from neuropathy (a complication of diabetes), retinopathy (damage to the optic nerve), hypertriglyceridemia, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), hypertension and liver disease. Also prohibited drinking alcohol when taking medication. Excessive alcohol consumption (more than 3 servings / day) lurks a number of risks to health and our weight.

Drink sports drinks?

What are sports drinks, what they contain, in what is useful, what help, how to choose the most appropriate and what to watch?

The need for more increased water consumption in the summer, it is self-evident. However, when the issue is not simply the prevention of dehydration but also high physical performance, water may not be enough in itself: in addition to replenish lost fluids, those who play sports intense or prolonged and sweat they have to deal with the problem of the loss of electrolytes while requiring extra "fuel" to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The solution gives sports drinks (sports drinks), which although composed mainly of water, but also contains carbohydrates, electrolytes and, where appropriate, additional useful conditional components.

Dehydration and Exercise

Dehydration during fitness training is a gradual process. When the athlete sweats lose water and an amount of electrolyte, resulting in the reduction of body fluids and blood volume. If the fluid loss is not replenished adequately recruitment, gradually created water deficit in the body, the body temperature increases, muscle glycogen (energy source) is reduced and the yield falls. Even a very small loss of body fluids, e.g. 0.5-1 kg, can increase heart rate by 6-8 beats per minute, reduce the yield by 2-5% to 15-20% faster exhausted energy levels and bring significant fatigue or cause muscle spasms and injuries.

With summer just around the corner, the diet we recommend is what you need. Within three days you will lose excess pounds, eating even your favorite summer treat! Easy, fast and without cooking is ideal for women workers or busy moms. Qualities that ... anyway you steal all the 'non-existent' time. So go for a "drastic" diet will clear above you ... a significant weight by replacing it with the confidence required by the era!

Weight loss tips for women

No, the only benefit from the weight loss is not that finally will re-enter your skinny jean (though not saying it now and it ...). Fewer pounds translate into lower cholesterol and pressure, reduced risk for chronic diseases and esteem. But not only as a thinner figure is likely to contribute to better sleep, improved fertility and even the ... sharp mind! According to a study of Case Western Reserve University in obese with diseases gums, those combined periodontal therapy weight loss experienced less swelling, redness and bleeding of gums as compared to those who received treatment. Experts estimate that since the gingival disease is a form of inflammation, and inflammation fueled by fat cells, the less fat in the body, the better will be our smile.

If every time you start an exercise program or diet, unable to finish, then most likely the problem can result in the lack of attention and concentration. Research on the cognitive function and obesity have shown that obese tend not to be good at work, as the fulfillment of objectives, decision-making and the establishment plan, as opposed to those with normal weight. The good news is that with just weeks midnight diet, participants in a survey by the University of Kent improve memory and concentration.

Obesity can make people yperanalyoun things and situations for which those not experiencing weight problems do not worry on a daily basis, such as breathlessness without finding a parking space close to their destination. The loss of kilos therefore generates fewer worries in everyday life. The mobility and strength increase, so improving the quality of life. If you do not have time to eat a proper meal within an hour of jogging, eat a snack. Raw vegetables, crackers, bread and some cheese will help you check your hunger until you can eat a full dinner tonic. If you're running some distance back from the office, but you still have a long way until you get home, you'll need something more than a simple glucose feedback program.

People with such body types need to focus on implementation of diets with low-calorie, reduced glycemic index and increasing fiber. Never staying fasted for more than 3-4 hours. If the fall in blood glucose levels, insulin hypersecretion occurs so far consume stored fat, as well as increasing and bulimia stress, that consumption of large quantity of food in a short time. Avoid simple carbohydrates (white bread, sugar, wheat) that cause hypersecretion of insulin.

It is sure to feel sexier with a tighter tummy or more Ripped away. Actually you do not need dramatic weight loss to boost your sex life. The loss of 10% of your weight is enough to grow your satisfaction, according to research by University Medical Center Duke. The same survey showed that 25% of obese people has problems in sexual life.

In aiming to start a family, one of your main allies is the healthy body. Obese women often face a and adipose tissue infertile extra estrogen produced , and thus destroyed the balance of estrogen and progesterone. After losing weight, many women can stop fertility treatments and getting pregnant. In men, although the relationship of obesity and fertility is not so great, slimming can improve sperm quality.

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