Green coffee is new trend and has been adopted by many famous celebrities as Demi Moore, Katy Perry and J-Lo are among the celebrities, who have commented in recent times about the benefits and effects of green coffee. Though this is a coffee that is not yet well disseminated throughout the world yet, it is turning out to be popular and more people are interested in to taste it and most of the people are convinced of its great results.

What is Green Coffee?

Although its name obviously gives us the clear clues about it, we started in this regard asking about what is green coffee, to say that this is a coffee that has the same origin as black coffee, but this one differs from normal coffee under the coffee beans that have not become roasted or fermented. Thus, a sweeter taste is obtained, but a little sour as well.

Other Features

We may not be able to mention a lot about its other features, but there are a few such as the fact that it contains similar amount of caffeine as black coffee and its color is much greener than the traditional tea. Combined with a healthy diet, it is proven that it can help you lose weight.

How It Works?

Green coffee is beneficial for the reason of having chlorogenic acid, which is considered a major component of plant metabolism and a potent antioxidant. To this, it is added that it has other properties such as killing the bacteria in the body as well. Fitness Expert Kyle Leon

Main Properties

Among the main benefits of green coffee, we can mention a few which are as follows;

It helps in burning fat and transforms fat into energy
It reduces the appetite and limits the urge to nibble all through the day.
It helps to counter the effects of aging in the body.
It reduces the feeling of tiredness.
It also helps in reinforcing the memory.

You can see that it is good for overall health and it obviously helps you lose weight.