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The city of London is the largest settlement and the capital of the United Kingdom. It has cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid mood, friendly locals who always stop their cars when you want to cross the street and offer to take a picture of you in front of the Tower Bridge. The city of London is visited by thousands of tourists and business travelers each month, by divas on shopping tours, by art connoisseurs, etc. As a result of the melting pot this city is, London enjoys great cultural diversity and fantastic atmosphere. It is that atmosphere, along with all the landmarks and cultural sites, which make travelers wish to come back to this place again and again…

There is plenty to be seen and done in the city of London. The capital of the UK has fabulous architecture, impressive cultural and historical heritage, a fantastic choice of dining places and entertainment venues, as well as many large parks, busy pubs and night clubs. London city is beautifully positioned on the two banks of river Thames and has more than 8 million of residents. It is ranked among the top travel destinations for all times in the world and that is why the city of London is served by a great number if regular and budget airline companies, bus companies and international trains. Thanks to this perfect transport system, the tourists enjoy comfortable, easy and fast access to the lovely city of London.

Travelers who have already arranged the transport to the capital of the United Kingdom, also need to arrange their accommodation. London city has plenty to offer to the visitors – 5-star hotels and friendly hostels, but also comfortable serviced apartments in London.In general, the serviced apartments London provides to the travelers are most cost-effective and the most comfortable accommodation that one could wish for one’s stay in the city. The London apartments are especially suitable for larger families and for groups of friends that wish to stay close to each other or need to share their expenses and still have enough space. The holiday apartments London provides are also suitable for couples on romantic getaway and for business travelers on short trips, who wish to have more privacy and peacefulness.

The apartments London offers come with great locations within close reach to the most popular tourist landmarks of the city and near the main business district and the most important administrative buildings and bank offices. The apartments to rent in London could be booked for short trips and for longer holidays, depending on the needs and intentions of the traveler. In general, the London serviced apartments are much more comfortable and far more spacious that the available hotel rooms, not to mention that they come with a much cheaper price tag, when the expenses are shared.

The short stay apartments London offers and the London apartments for rent on longer periods of one, two or more months are of various layout, size and capacity. That means that the London holiday apartments could be booked by solo travelers and couples, by small families and by families with many kids, by groups of three friends and by groups of up to twelve people. Sometimes, the apartments for rent in London come several set in one building. This makes the accommodation of larger groups very easy.

Those cheap apartments in London are beautifully arranged and are equipped with all the amenities and all the facilities that the visitor might require during one’s stay. The short let apartments London provides are equipped with well-sized and comfortable bedrooms, with nicely equipped kitchen areas with dining zone, as well as with large living rooms – ideal for recreation. They also have modern and comfortable bathrooms.

The central London apartments are conveniently serviced by all the means of the public transport, which includes buses, trams and all underground lines. The London apartments for short stay are set near the main places of interest, some of the best parks of the city, many shops, restaurants and dance clubs. In order to rent apartment for London stay, one needs to book it in advance, where the reservation process is simple and easy, not to mention that is done in a fast way through a secure booking system. The choice of self-catering apartments London provides is impressive, so one just needs to go through the serviced apartments in London and book the one that most corresponds to one’s liking, needs and budget. Once the apartment in London for once stay is arranged, one needs to make a list of the things that one wants to see, do and try while staying in this wonderful city.

The city of London is huge, but it is well organized and if one has a plan most of the main landmarks could be covered for a period of five to seven days. The main landmarks that have to be mentioned here include the impressive Tower Bridge and the Tower of London next to it, the Trafalgar Square with the Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery behind, the Buckingham Palace with the guards, the Victoria Monument and the nearby Saint James Park, the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey, as well as the impressive Cathedral Saint Paul. Among the other sites that should be paid a visit to are the British Museum, the Kensington Palace and Gardens in front, the nearby Hyde Park with the Serpentine Lake and the famous Speaker’s Corner.

Those who visit London for the first time should also hop on one of the open deck sightseeing buses in order to get their whereabouts. The companies that offer such service include the London Ducktours and the London Sightseeing Tours, and also the walk tours such as the London Walks, the Natural History Museum walk, the Musical and Theatre tours, etc. Those who love to shop should visit the iconic stores Harrods and Selfridges or could take a stroll along Oxford Street. The city of London is famous for is busy cultural life with many theatrical performances, operas, ballet, and concerts, art exhibitions being organized every day. The city of London is also ideal for dining out with plenty of options for cheap dining with fish’n’chips and for elegant restaurants serving gourmet meals and special wines. The pubs of London need no advertisement, as well as the busy night clubs in the city. London is a wonderful travel destination that will definitely attract all visitors.

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