Log homes are a unique and special type of home that many people dream of owning. Whether the dream home is purchased used or newly built, it will need to be finished and maintained. A used log home may need to be restored. Since these homes are made of natural logs, they have some special features and maintenance requirements. Products have been developed to use on log homes and are preferred over other products. Indeed, there are companies that specialize in log home building products.

When people own a log home building, they will need certain types of products to keep the building in good shape over the years. Some aspects of log cabin maintenance that should be considered are stains and finishes, chinking and caulking products, wood cleaning solutions, copper post caps, masonry, and restorative needs. Companies such as Mountain Home Building Products have websites to make ordering these products easier. Having all the maintenance products available from one place is convenient.

The sun and weather can fade and damage exterior finishes. When this happens, log home stains can be applied. Interior clear finishes may need to be applied periodically. Wood cleaners will be needed in areas where the logs get soiled over time. The log home owner may also need advice on how to maintain the look of the log surfaces both inside and outside the home. The log home product supplier should have a customer service department staffed by experts who can give advice on products, maintenance requirements, or renovation methods.

A maintenance chore that is unique to log homes is chinking. This is the need for sealant between the horizontal log joints. Logs are an imperfect product of nature and don't always fit together perfectly. The small gaps between some areas of the log joints need to be sealed to keep the weather out. Historically, people used things like mud, twigs, rocks, moss, or horse hair to fill the spaces. Now, there are special chinking products that have been developed to last longer and be more effective. These products are easier to apply and come in a choice of colors to match the log home. There are also application tools available to make the job easier. Some areas of the log home might require periodic applications of caulking. The caulking should be designed to expand or contract as the logs loose or gain moisture.

Each log home or log cabin stains will have unique maintenance needs that should be addressed. It is nice to know that there are suppliers who have every product that may be needed to keep these wonderful buildings in top shape. Please go to the website for more information.