A log home can look beautiful and last a life time, if the owner takes proper care of it. Depending on the amount of exposure to the weather and the sun, log home stains should be reapplied every three to five years. Weatherall stains are designed to keep log cabins and homes protected from the elements, strong, and looking like new at all times. There are water and oil based stains that cab be used. Water based stain has little odor and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Oil based stains are a bit easier to apply, but clean up requires solvents. Product lines include seven options of stain, with various colors available.

Additives can be added to stains and paints to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew inside and outside the home. Insect repellent can be added to exterior stains. Clear top coats also add extra protection to the wood. Wood preservatives are cost-effective and easy to apply. They go on before staining. Green products are available with no harsh chemicals. Caulking and chinking materials are also available. Chinking is used for larger home joints. It keeps the elements out and resembles old-fashioned mortar. The company has over thirty years experience designing, manufacturing, and delivering stains, finishing products, and accessories for log homes.

Products for Log Home restoration have been designed to repair or replace damaged or rotting wood, strengthen wood joints and beams, and remove stain coatings so newer ones can be applied. Round backer rod, for example, is a sealant adhesive that can be used for interior and exterior joints, spaces between logs, and drafts. it comes in different thicknesses and enhances the effect of caulking and chinking. Its use saves money on caulking and chinking materials, which are more expensive than the rod sealant. Other products include tools, supplies, and accessories. Wood epoxy, buffing brushes, stain brushes, and caulking guns are available online.

Contractors can be recommended by the company, but most log cabin caulk restoration can be completed by the owner. In-depth instructions are available with every product, tips and techniques can be found on the website, and there is also a free video library for customers to view. Once applied, stains and finishes are low maintenance. Owners can do things to decrease the home exposure to extreme weather conditions, and sun exposure. Roof hangings can block the sun's rays and keep wood from drying out. Rain gutters can keep excess moisture and water away from windows and joints. Shrubs and trees can be planted along some walls to provide shade.