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Listicle Monetization: How to Add Tracking Pixels per Item/Slide

We understand that monetizing a slideshow or listicle is a vital practice for publishers these days, so here's a comprehensive breakdown on how to implement a tracking pixel per slide with trackSlide.

1. Go to the Layout & Design tool in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Click on Post Page in the Layout & Design tool's menu. This is where we'll be adding the pixel.

3. Click on the + ADD ELEMENT button in the toolbar and select the Custom HTML element.

Where you insert this element isn't important, but we suggest placing it somewhere easy to find. Remember to name the element in the Properties card so it's easily recognizable too.

4. After placing and renaming your element, you can insert any piece of custom JavaScript or HTML into it via the Properties card. In this example, we've inserted a trackSlide script. Here's the example code we used:

<script type="text/lazy-javascript" priority="6"> {{require}}(['core/event_dispatcher'], function (eventDispatcher) { eventDispatcher.on('post_page:shown', function(e) {if(window.snowplowKW) { window.snowplowKW('trackPageView');}}, this); }); </script>

5. Remember to click Save when you're done!

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How to Control the Order of Posts on a Section Page

As an editor, you might want to manually control the order of your posts on any given section page. With our powerful CMS platform, this is as easy as dragging and dropping. Watch how it's done in the following video:

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Try This New Video Preview on Facebook Instant Articles

There's a new function for Facebook Instant Articles that shows a video preview on mobile. The option has been successful for some of our clients at RebelMouse, and we want you to give it a try too!

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How to Thrive in a World Without Ads

Mike Mallazzo, Director of Marketing at Narrativ, recently wrote a post on Medium: "Life After Ads: The recent purchase of TIME should remind publishers of the power a strong brand can wield."

He discusses how some media companies are starting to question their total reliance on digital advertising. With Facebook and Google capturing the majority of revenue in the online advertising space, Mallazzo talks about how some companies are diversifying their revenue streams with models that depend on building loyalty and trust through subscriptions and commerce content in addition to just advertising. He writes:

"Media conglomerates have rediscovered the power of brand equity, offering the most plausible hope for sustainability since the proliferation of the internet."

At RebelMouse, however, we are still seeing digital advertising work. Our clients — such as Dance Magazine — are seeing huge success with digital advertising. But what if you were a media company in a world where traditional digital advertising didn't work at all? What would you do? How would you make money and continue to grow as a company?

The key is loyalty. You can't have a brand without loyalty.

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