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What They Don't Want You To Know About Lipozene

You don't need to ramp up on your exercise or change your diet to shed those excess pounds. All you need is Lipozene – America's #1 diet pill.

That's according to Obesity Research Institute, manufacturer of one of the latest crazes in the weight loss industry.

Lipozene invaded TV, newspapers, and the internet – and why not!? The "clinically proven" diet pill promises to give you that elusive, fit body you've always been dreaming about - and no exercise and diet necessary. Just keep popping those pills!

But haven't we heard of this before? Lipozene isn't the first – and it won't be the last – diet supplement to tout itself as the holy grail of weight loss.

Unfortunately, the meteoric rise of these weight loss supplements are often met by an equally quick fade into obscurity – and Lipozene seems to be 'on track,' and for UN-safe reasons!

What Is Lipozene?

"No more strict diets that leave you starving or impossible workouts that leave you exhausted, it complements your lifestyle to shed pounds in minutes a day!" – Lipozene Website

Manufactured and endorsed by the Obesity Research Institute, the diet pill promises to be the ONLY weight loss supplement or product you need to finally get the fit body you want. The main attraction is that these pills are 'designed' to safely churn fat, and there is no specific diet or exercise plan required for Lipozene to work.

Sweet, isn't it!? You can eat and live as you normally would. You can order a double-cheese burger meal with up-sized fries and drinks and spend the 3 quarters of your day watching TV – and you'd still lose weight with Lipozene!

Lipozene Reviews From Customers:

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Gayle L. Weese: Certainly not worth recommending! Even though I'm not extremely fat or anything like that, I did need to shed off 10 lbs or so that I'd put on these past years, maybe because my metabolic rate is much slower now that I'm older. At first, I got all hyped because of the TV commercials. For one thing, they advertise the product as a "fat burning" supplement. Let me tell you it is not! I purchased a supply of 60 at my local department store. Right after I got home I went online to check what the ingredients were all about: just a vegetable substance that inflates in your stomach and makes you feel full. After taking it for 3 weeks, I can say it doesn't work! I haven't lost a single ounce! Even worse, my appetite is intact. If this stuff won't work on me (and I'm not a hard case), let alone on really overweight people.
M: I've tried Lipozene 5 months ago with no results, took the pills for one month and a half. I went to and got matched with a diet pill and guess what? I've dropped 14 pounds in my first month. Lesson learned, next time I want to buy something I will do a research on Google.
Kathy Stidham: After reading some reviews on the product I went on and bought it: huge mistake! Not only did I not lose weight, but neither did I feel less hungry. It really felt like I was taking fake pills or something! If you are wondering whether you should make this purchase, my advice is: don't! Advertising is way beyond misleading!
M. Magpoc: Couldn't be worse! Took Lipozene for 2 weeks religiously and gained 11 pounds. Also, I got the nastiest breakout I can recall. Two months later and I'm still struggling to get healthy skin again. Money back guarantee is a total scam, too. Was told that I would get my money back in 5-10 days and it's been 12 days since they got my product and nothing! Called again today and was told had to wait another 5-10 days.
C Lewis: I'm generally the kind of customer that reads labels carefully, that's why I was a little scared at the warning that says you should drink lots of water when you take this pill, to prevent choking hazard. I don't know about the composition, but there's a little trick in this pill that I found out just by chance. I was sick (not because of the pill) so I threw up after taking it and found the pill had swollen up to the size of a cheeto! No wonder you feel full after taking it, and now it made sense to me that they told you to drink lots of water to prevent choking: imagine this thing stuck in your throat! Since I have been around the world of supplements and used plenty of products, I can say that some of them really suppress your appetite, even if it just emotionally. This one though, won't work if you are an emotional eater as it is only meant to fill up room in your stomach: major disappointment! Also, I'm concerned what this pill could do to your digestive system. I have no scientific evidence on this, it's just my thoughts.
Holly Noel: I bought this product and started taking it just by the textbook. From the very first day I started feeling bloated and full of gas, I though it was because it was my first time on Lipozene. However, even when I drank lots of water, I didn't feel any better. I checked the ingredients and found out that the content is really high in fiber, which is really bad for me. To make a long story short, I didn't lose weight or body fat, neither did I feel full. I'm a healthy eater and I already do exercise, so all I needed was an extra help to get rid of those few extra pounds. If you have issues with fiber, stay away from this one. Bottom line: it's just garnish!
B. Mortinson: I've been on Lipozene for the last three weeks and nothing! It's just a fiber pill and because of that, I'm feeling worse cravings than ever, plus a nasty swallowing problem, like I had something stuck in my throat all the time. I looked up the ingredients on the web and guess what? The clinical studies they tell you about are all phony; they're done on Gluccomannan and not Lipozene. Totally unsafe!
gylelizabeth: another flop … one more tick on the long list of useless pills. word to the wise: save time and money and look elsewhere.
Sherry: There's a bit of a problem with supply and its cost. I mean, 30 pills are not enough if you mean to take it the way they tell you to. 2 pills, 3 times a day means that you need 6 pills a day, so a bottle will not be enough for a week. Besides, it's too expensive considering the outcomes. Cravings haven't gone away so I'm not planning on buying this stuff again.
Phillip J. Pisciotta: Stay away from this one! Just one pill was enough to rush me into ER! Makes people awfully sick and it doesn't even make you lose any weight. I felt nauseous and constipated all the time. My skin got red because of this. Your health is too valuable to risk losing it to this crap. Can't believe how they even let them sell this on the market: scary!
Lisa King: I saw what I thought was a cool commercial on TV and went for it. Bought enough pills to get me through a month, so far I haven't seen any changes and three weeks have gone by. I did everything they told me to: take 2 pills ½ hour before meals, I feel that maybe they did control my appetite a bit, because I felt full more easily. But as for pounds, I haven't lost a single one! Since the instructions only mentioned taking the pills. That is, no dieting or exercising, that's what I did, with a lot of water, too. And still nothing.

If you ask me, I think this product is way overpriced and since I wasn't satisfied with the results, I called them and requested my 30-day money back guarantee. Instead of helping me, the person on the phone went off to tell me that I must have done something wrong, that I probably did not follow instructions properly! After wasting my time with three different people on the phone (all of them insisted that I wasn't being helpful), being hung up twice and feeling extremely annoyed, I got a return authorization. Now I have to go through the ordeal of returning them and hope that I will get my money back. I'm almost certain that many customers just give up and lose their refund. I beg you people out there: don't buy this product.
Maureen Farey: If only I had read these reviews before flushing my money down the toilet! First of all, advertising is very misleading: I thought those 30 pills were a month's supply. Wrong! It turned out that they only last for 5 days! Anyways, I lost 3 lbs so I ordered two more bottles. I haven't lost a single pound since; even worse, I gained 2 more pounds. As a disabled person with MS, I can't do much exercise and I already have healthy eating habits, so I was expecting this product to really help me. Now I have this terrible pain in my gut, but I can't tell whether it comes from this pill or from MS. Please, don't throw your money away!
ecarg: as buyers we ought to investigate a little more when they offer us "clinically proven" products which are not approved by the fda. I found a serious review in a top medical journal and they say there is no proof that this product works.
Christina: Didn't work for me. I took it just as they told me to, went on a diet, too and still didn't lose a pound. The 30 day money back guarantee is also a lie, when I called for a refund, was told that time had expired due to the 3-4 weeks delivery time. The only thing I didn't lose with this was weight!
km in tx: Awful! I felt so sick after using it. It feels like a kind of sponge in your stomach, creating a sort of blockage. IT HAD NO POSITIVE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER! Go for anything else, but please DON'T USE THIS!
Nancie Cruise: The scam is well-planned: the phone call turns into a marathon. I hang up 45 minutes later, hoping that they cancel my order after so many sales pitches. They don't. A month later I get the product and after reading instructions I realize that the monthly supply they sold me over the phone is really good for 5 days only (at 2 pills, 3 times a day!). This means that at $29 a bottle, I need to spend $180 a month: way too expensive. You'd be far better off by getting a prescription on something that really works because this one doesn't. Trust me, I've been on it for 3 weeks and I have even gained a couple of pounds.
Margie: The first thing that you need to know is that this pill doesn't work. They advertise the product telling you that you only need to take the pill, without going on a diet or anything and this is totally false. I took the pill and cut back on calories and still gained 8 pounds! I felt so crummy! I couldn't believe my eyes! Now I'm stuck with a bunch of useless pills and even more overweight.
S. WALLACE: As far as I know the key ingredient in this product is an Asian root used in cooking that can be bought elsewhere for $5. The purpose of this substance is to make you feel full to prevent overeating. I'm guessing that it may work on people with thyroid dysfunction or people who have gained weight as a result of steroids from allergy medication, not on emotional overeating, for instance. My view is: get therapy or go to the gym, rather than buy this.
Sandy Moore: I have an issue going on with the commercial behind this brand. You don't even need to try the product to know it's a scam. First off, I have a problem with the folks at the Obesity Research Institute who actually make the commercials. If you pay attention to what the woman in the commercial is saying, you might be able to sort out a couple of truths about Lipozene.

The only ingredient used is Amorphophallus Konjac, aka, Glucommanan or konjac root. According to research, this substance expands in your stomach, which may be Ok to make you feel fuller. The problem is that the Obesity Research tells you that "Lipozene attacks body fat" when it really doesn't. There is no scientific proof that Konjac attacks body fat at all. This means that their advertising is far beyond deceptive, it is a sheer lie.

Basically, they tell you that Lipozene can make people lose weight and that 78% of that weight is body fat. Assuming this was true (it isn't) what is the 22% left, then? Muscle mass? If this is so, it is very bad for you. Muscle helps to burn fat and is very hard to gain back once it's lost. The second reason I dislike this product is that they show a "double-bind clinical study" in which participants lost an average of 3.86 lbs. in 8 weeks. If I'm getting my math right, this is like .48lbs a week. What's so impressive about that? I could do much better just by dieting and doing exercise!

Lastly, they tell you to take 6 pills a day which means that a bottle of 30 will only last for 5 days.
M.N.: Do not get involved with these people! They have the word scam written all over. Their website is totally deceiving. I got charged for an order I didn't want and refused to cancel it, even when I had just placed it. Very shady business!
andrea alvarez: got so sick that the pills came out through vomit and bowel movements, it hadn't even expanded as they said it would. I've had diarrhea ever since I took it. certainly not trying it again!
Maxxer21: I decided to try this product a couple of years ago, and believe me when I say that I totally wasted my money. I don't really think anything can get ridof fat cells. Maybe some products could make the cells smaller, but not Lipozene. The only thing that will work for you is exercise and a good diet.Somebody should something about these phony products; they shouldn't even be on the market at all. It is a huge scam!
Becky Bowen: After taking this pill for a month I have finally concluded that it is a total waste of time. I took the stuff as directed, textbook perfection, and I'm pretty sure I even gained weight! And it's not like I sat around all day long doing nothing! I was working all the time, walking and eating sensibly. Even so, the pill did not work. If you come to think of it, the "give it time" for a month doesn't make any sense at all; especially, if you won't lose any weight. Once the month is over, you have not only wasted your money, but valuable time, as well.
Mark: I blew it! Bought the pills first and then read the reviews: not that I'm expecting a miracle but for a person who has already lost 150 lbs on my own, I should have known better! I was looking forward to shedding the last very stubborn 40 lbs because I had hit a plateau, which is very common. Since I only spent 19.99 on this product, I though it was well worth my money. However, I did forget one golden rule though. There is nomagic quick fix for weight management.

Also, I've learned that everyone isdifferent, so what may work for me, may not work for you. Our metabolismis so different! We all have a different chemistry in our bodies, so to say. Here are some tips I can share with other desperate dieters who, like me, have been struggling with weight loss for ever. First of all, you should change your lifestyle. I threw my microwave oven out and won't get another one. Another thing is get out and do something other than drive around all day, or sit in front of a TV set. Try to walk everywhere.

Besides, I started doing some heavy-duty workout regularly and I stick to it. When I started I was 350lbs and over, and now I've been able to cut down to 180lbs. I'm almost 40, 5.5 and I work from home so I spend a lot of time infront of the computer. Had to make deep changes to put off weight so sorry to break this to you guys, but if you bought this product just to see quick changes, you are wasting your time. Commit to your diet program and stick to it. I'm already on a healthy diet and drink a lot of water. I don't take sugar and have cut down on fatty foods completely. Anyway, you are supposed to take this pill twice a day before meals on a regular basis. This is the way it works. Commitment is really important. Now that I'm reading these reviews, I notice that not many people write about their progress. Not that I'm expecting a miracle or something, but I hope I'm lucky and get to trim down these pounds for good. Will keep you posted for future events. What's more, next Saturday, I will be posting my achievements concerning this product.
Irene: Since I'm not seriously overweight, I have been eating healthfully and exercising for the past few months to see if I could put off some weight. I got this product to see if I could get an extra boost. You sometimes need something to keep you going, you see, especially when it comes to trimming down belly or leg areas. As many of you may already guess, the pill didn't work at all. Not only did I not lose any weight, but I also didn't notice any changes in my body, either. Threw out the bottle and am not planning on buying this again. It is a total scam, just in case you were wondering.
Rosangela Farler: I had high expectations concerning this product. Also, was not happy to find out that I could get it at a much lower cost elsewhere. It turns out that Ihad bought 2 bottles for $20.00 and then bought it the second time at Walmart for 11.88. Two months later, and I have only lost 1 pound! How is this possible? Even after dieting and exercising 6 days a week and I only lost this much? I've tried many diet pills, but this one is obviously the worst.
Shea: After I ordered the product, I started taking it as directed. I even started counting calories and exercising. I only lost 3 pounds, but I think it is because of the diet, not the pills. I think there are far better products out there, if you ask me.
KLB: My doctor suggested that I take these pills. Bought the bottle, took it and got no results whatsoever. It's not that it was bad for me, but it didn't do anything, either.
Karen Burgess "Keacmis": Only four days on Lipozene and I already lost 6 pounds! I can't tell you how thrilled I am. Last Saturday I weighed 120 and today I weight 114. I found out that the key lies in drinking lots of water and saying goodbye to soda. I've also been counting calories and doing exercise regularly. The best part is that so far, I haven't had any side effects; which is great. The only thing is that I pee a lot, all day long. I guess that's the way you get rid of fat, right? I strongly recommend this pill to anyone who wants to lose weight. After 4 kids, I can still wear a size 5.
Erush: I feel really bummed that this stuff didn't work for me. Shipping and delivery were optimal, but the product is not right for me. There is no issue going on with the manufacturer or the seller, I think it might be me. I guess it might work for some people but I swear I felt hungrier. When I mentioned this to my fiancé he thought it was funny, but after reading somereviews, I guess I'm not the only one.
Torin: Hello there! When I purchased this product, I was really excited about it. Since several friends had warned me about the stomach issues, I only took one pill before brunch. Even so, I still felt queasy and crampy all day. In fact, I felt soo bloated that I kept thinking I might have an accident. Worse feeling ever, considering I am a cashier. I'd like to know if this feeling is just temp. Does it go away after some time? I mean having an awful stomachache and disgusting restroom issues after only one day is not a verygood start. Should I go on with this or dump it in the trash? Besides, since Iget home late at night, I usually have dinner at late hours and I would like to know whether taking this pill that late is safe or will I experience even worse side effects? Also, they warn you against overeating, that it could make you feel really bad after taking the pill. But my question is: don't these people ever overeat? I mean, a slimming treatment should consider normal people, too. Uh?
G Wayne Cooper: At first I felt really happy with this product, but after some time I kind of became disappointed. One thing you should consider is that since it is mostly fiber, you are going to go potty a lot! During the first days, weight started coming off and I went to the toilet a million times, but then I started gaining weight! But the worst part was that I eventually got sick and ended up throwing up these huge (as long as my finger) pills that looked like rubber. No wonder I felt so sick! I don't think this product is either useful or safe. Piece of advice: try something else.
Lori Dillon Sedia: That I'm one experienced dieter, that's for sure. I've tried tons of different diet supplements over the years, some of which have actually worked together with dieting. As for Lipozene: there is no way this pill can work. Firstly, I had never felt so sick in my life! There's this constant uneasiness in the stomach making you feel like you either want to throw up or go n# 2:awful! After two weeks of taking this, I unveiled the mystery: my body would not digest the pills; that's why I felt so bad. I figured this out one daywhile I was taking my second daily pill. I threw up right after taking it, only to find there were two pills, not one. This means that the first pill that Ihad taken about 12 hs ago was still there in my stomach. All this time! Thismade me think that whatever the content of the pill is, it cannot help me because it cannot be released. Save your money and invest it on some otherproduct that DOES work.
Summer E. Moore: Lipozene doesn't work! I bought 2 bottles for my husband who used to be very slim, but gained about 30 lbs after moving to the US last year. Not only has he not lost any weight, he has gained some more! He has a healthylifestyle. For example, he eats very little, only one meal a day, and even so, he's put on weight. Lipozene is not to be trusted. This product has "false advertising" written all over it. Watch out!
Miguel: Ads are totally misleading: they tell you that the pill will help you burn fat, but what it really does is blow up in your stomach so that you feel full. It really curbs your appetite (or so they tell you), not burn fat cells. I don't even think this is possible.
Ali: I had been trying to lose weight for so long that I felt I could try anything. Anyway, I fell for the advertising claims and started taking it. I remember feeling so happy with my purchase as I was really looking forward to changing my body. Tried it for 3 months, but nothing happened. I tell everyone: keep away from this product.
William Eric Wiggs: I have been on Leptopril for some time now, but since it was being delivered late this time, I turned to Lipozene as an alternative. I figured "how bad can this be?" after all; instructions said that they were fit for the extremely overweight, too. I felt really sorry to have wasted my money because this pill made me fill tired all the time. Then I noticed that there was no caffeine in Lipozene, this is why I had no energy. Maybe some people feel ok with this, but I don't. I need at least a little caffeine to get up and do something.
Tammy: I was really happy to start slimming because I really needed it. These pills made me feel really sick, I felt queasy as if the pills were stuck in my throat. Two weeks later I haven't lost a single pound: a total waste of time and money!
Bob: I watched the commercial on TV and fell in love with the product right away. But now I made up my mind that I'm going to stop using it because Ihave this nasty pain on my left side of the body. Since you have to take the pill 20 or 30 minutes before each meal, you need to remember all the time. I didn't, and this made me feel sick. Now I found a pill that I can take only once at breakfast and I'm better off this way.
Donna: This product was totally ineffective and because I purchased it at a local store and not from they will not honor a money back guarantee. Total waste of money on a shoddy company.
J.J.: So you are having thoughts about whether or not to try Lipozene.... Well, I am here to lend you my personal experience with this weight-loss supplement, and convince you NOT to WASTE your money on it! Let me give you a short list of reasons why:

1. It DID NOT help me lose weight
2. It only gave me diarrhea AND constipation
3. Plus lots of gas
4. A daily dose of nausea
5. Left me with an empty gas tank; zero energy

Amigo, trust me- this is NOT the weight-loss supplement you are looking for!
Herfnerd: So why is buying Lipozene such a bad idea? Well, let´s look to the source: the manufacturer. Obesity Research Institute has been docked over 1.5 million dollars by the regulatory FTC, for massively false advertising in 2005. Ever heard of Fiberthin? Proplene? No? That´s because they turned out to be nothing more than snake oil, super-hyped by ORL. They were also fiber-based diet supplements which supposedly did exactly what Lipozene does, and also contained Glucomannan…..and now are both banned in the US, among other countries.
RY Fauzi: Well, let me share with you my one-month experience with Lipozene. Even though the packaging claims that I would have no side effects taking this pill…..I did. Lots…. I had the worse bout of constipation I had ever experienced in my life, and got a nasty scolding from taking so much fiber on a daily basis. And lots of bloating and gas….good grief! And by the end of the month, I was going back and forth between constipation…and….diarrhea??
Mike T: This product does not do what they claim it will do. Instead of losing weight I gained 4 pounds how does that happen? In fact I started working out well taking these pills even though were claimed you don't have to change anything in your lifestyle. When it came time to discuss the moneyback guarantee I was informed that my time had already ended the 30 day moneyback guarantee starts on the day that you place your order should be where it may take five days for it to ship you probably lost five days of your 30 day guarantee. Make sure you plan on being home and not out of town for work for a week because that's also biting into your 30 day guarantee. It's all a scam the pills and her 30 day guarantee save your money.
Jackee D: Let me start off by saying that I'm 65 years old and have been fighting a never-ending battle with my weight for my entire adult life. And I've noticed since turning 60, it continues to get more difficult, so I knew I had to try something else because every other diet had failed me. I honestly thought this would be my solution. Granted, I have only been on it a couple of days, but I haven't really seen or felt any effect.
I decided to do a little experimentation with a few of the pills. First, I placed two pills in what's been cool tap water. After more than an hour, hardly any change. The capsules were far from being barely softened and weren't open.
My second experiment included leaving the capsules in the cup and running warm tap water over them. The capsules opened in about 15 minutes. Therefore, I concluded to get the full effect of the capsules they should be taken with hot tea or some other no-calorie, hot drink. Once I finish my 2 Bottle Bonus Pack, I will write my honest review on how I think these capsules are working.
Eric J. Spencley: I've learned a few things about Lipozene. First of all, you can't expect to lose weight without dieting. I took it for a week without changing my eating habits and had no weight loss. Then I paired it with a popular weight loss plan and voila, the magic happened. Lipozene is a useful supplement when used with proper diet. It's great at squashing hunger pains. When diet and Lipozene are paired, I can successfully lose about a pound a week. And I'm happy to report I had no adverse side effects.
G. Edgett: I'm a 20-year-old average-sized female whose main area of concern is a little excess belly fat. It's actually not that huge of a deal, but it's almost bikini season and I want to be ready. To get ready, I purchased 4 boxes the Lipozene Maximum Strength Fat Loss Supplement Pills. Per the instructions, I took 2 pills before each meal, each day between May 25th of 2014 and July 15th of 2014. Unfortunately, I only lost 2 measly pounds. I was in disbelief because I was on a strict water diet and walked around 1 mile every couple of days. Contrary to its claims, my appetite wasn't suppressed at all. Since everybody isn't the same maybe it works better for some people than it did for me.
Ashlee: After reading the reviews and watching the TV ad, I was convinced that this was a must-buy, but I later learned it was a huge mistake. I'm a healthy and active 27-year-old who gave birth 7 months ago, so I'm trying desperately to shed those stubborn baby pounds. I do my best to eat right and exercise so I figured this would be just what I needed to give me that extra boost. Unfortunately, I was wrong. First, the pills were huge and difficult to swallow. They actually made my throat hurt when I tried. The worst part is the pills actually made me hungry instead of curbing my appetite. I lost no weight and still have a bottle left. What a disappointment!
Maya: I only started taking Lipozene because the store was out of my normal supplement and as a bonus, this was a few dollars cheaper. Win-win, right? Not at all! It doesn't work at all! Instead of making me feel fuller and suppressing my appetite, it made me stay hungry! With my other supplement, it gives me energy, squashes my appetite and helps me resist snacking. Taking Lipozene as directed, 2 tablets 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of water, I was still hungry after eating a full meal, wanted to snack all day long, and was lethargic. Needless to say, I switched back to my original supplement and wouldn't recommend Lipozene to anyone!
Thomas McLaughlin: Over the past 2 years, I've lost 75 pounds from a strict 1200-1500 calorie diet and exercising almost daily. I decided to try Lipozene to lose the last 30 pounds. I had seen and heard a lot of positive things about it and figured might as well, so I went ahead and ordered.

After taking Lipozene religiously for 30 days, I didn't lose an ounce after carefully following all directions. So irritating! I decided to take the second bottle, following with the same 1200 calorie diet and exercise routine and actually began to gain weight! Once I gained 5 pounds, I gave up. I went back to my diet pills that do work and in 2 days, I was down to my pre-Lipozene weight. Lipozene is a terrible product.
Jacob Hesier: I experienced terrible side effects and saw no results whatsoever. When I tried to get a refund based on the 30-day money back guarantee, they flat-out refused to honor it. Even though they acknowledged getting the return weeks prior, they refused to issue a refund or even correspond afterwards because they knew they were at fault. I have disputed the transaction with my credit card company and will let them deal with it. Lipozene has been such a rip-off and waste of time and money.
Renea F.: Lipozene was simply a nightmare. Not only did I gain 20 pounds, but I had low energy and prolonged and continuous gas that was so embarrassing I barely wanted to go out. I have been on a weight loss journey for 25 years and have tried virtually every product to hit the market. My bad experience with Lipozene has caused me to suffer a bout of depression. I wanted to believe that this product would eventually work and ended up ordering a second time. I had the same results and threw out the bottle this morning. I'm so done.
Kathy: I took this product for about 5 weeks. I took two pills before each meal. No results!
AngofArkansas: I bought the bottles at Walmart a few weeks ago I did lose weight and more energy than before and sometimes forgot to eat I do move around outside and in I have lost 1 pant size already it was working for me I don't have loose bowles I had to buy a gentle lax to make me go ... The full feeling is just about all day . Well I took my last 2 pills yesterday morning and I felt like I was dying I was so weak and no energy I felt like I was gonna pass out and the hunger I was feeling was unbelievable I felt as though I haven't ate in weeks . I still feel weak this morning I had to have my husband go now to the store and buy some more ... Omg! I hate this feeling ! So how do you just stop taking these pills I feel horrible is it all out of my system and now the hunger pains and weakness is awful ! What to do? Keep taking them or stop and feel horrible for a few weeks ! I mean I do like the full feeling but Scarry to forget to eat but I love the weight that is gone and the energy is great too! But what to do? Just wish I would've studied up on this more! Before I took the first 2 pills!
WASTE OF MONEY: I ordered lipozene and it hasnt worked for me or my bezt friend. Ive been taking for overr a month now and ive gained 3 pounds wth. So i wouldnt WASTE your money om this products. Ive got bad diarrhea and the cramping in our stomache is unbeliveable. This product isnt worth the money
Kiana M: I bought lipozene a few backs & now I feel extremely sick!!!! My stomach is bloated and crampy, along with the worst nausea ever!!! When will this feeling go away. I stopped taking it a few days after I bought it. Do not buy it
Courtney: I was taking lipozene for a week, twice a day, I started to feel nausea for a couple days, had a lot of diarrhea, I had to puke at work and a hard blue lump come out of my stomach. I had not eaten anything blue in weeks, it was the blue plastic around the capsules! Do not buy, its dangerous and undiestable! I didn't even lose one pound.
Manny: When I was taking Lipozene I notice that my Blood Sugar levels where high. You should monitor your blood sugar levels if you are any concerns over diabetes .
At least that was claim...

The popular diet supplement from Obesity Research Institute contains glucomannan – a vegetable fiber extracted from the roots of konjac plants. The instructions for taking Lipozene are straightforward:

Just take 2 tablets 30 to 60 minutes before every meal with 8oz. of water, that's a maximum of 6 tablets ever day

Get on with what you have to do and let Lipozene do its work. It creates a indigestible dietary fiber gel that expands in your stomach – leaving you feeling full and less inclined to snack. That's it!

Lipozene's idea is to induce that feeling of satiety…of fullness to help consume less calories. You get to eat what you love, in smaller portions, and without the hunger pangs. The end result: 78% of every pound lost is fat not water! ....Yeah, Right.

A Closer Look At Glucomannan​

You may not know it, but this special type of fiber can be found in many sources and is often used to thicken certain foods.

It's odd that Glucomannan is Lipozene's only weight-loss ingredient. That's because glucomannan is never recognized as a fat burnerand Obesity Research Institute claims that it is.

The fiber forms works by absorbing water, eventually forming an indigestible gel that your digestive system will flush out. The gel, which grows in your stomach, gives you a fuller, more satisfied feeling after eating.

It's easy to see how you can use Lipozene and glucomannan to shed those unwanted pounds.

The temptation of taking another slice of pizza or grabbing an extra slab of steak becomes a lot more manageable when you're full. Moreover, the filling effect last for hours and can reduce the frequency of your snacks.

But while all of these sound nice, numerous reports and complaints were lodged against "America's #1 diet pill" – and many of these reports are for real and backed by science.

Price & Recommended Dosage​

A 30-cap container of Lipozene costs $19.95 – nothing out of the ordinary at first sight. However, things take a wallet-draining turn when you consider the recommended dosage.

For Lipozene to achieve the desired effect, the manufacturers recommend that you take 2 pills with every meal, that's 3 times a day. It turns out you have to pop a total of 6 Lipozene pills day-in and day-out, and the 30-cap container – which 'sounds reasonable' at $19.95 – will only last for 5 days!

It's not surprising why customers, who initially thought the diet supplement was affordable, were later on turned-off by the price. But perhaps this is the lighter of the 2 big problems with the pill's recommended intake.

Taking Lipozene at the suggested dosage won't just drain your wallet – your gastrointestinal system will probably take hits too!

Every dose of Lipozene provides you with 1500mg of glucomannan, and when you're taking 6 pills/day you would easily break the limit of 4g/day. Here's what Vladimir Vuksan from the University of Toronto says in an interview with the LA Times:

If you took glucomannan in quantities of 9 grams each day,


The Professor of nutritional sciences also added that…

The 9g/day regimen (of Lipozene), causes severe diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems, was the closest estimate for the amount of glucomannan needed to achieve noticeable weight loss

Essentially, Prof. Vladimir Vuksan is telling us that: If you want to lose weight with Lipozene, you better be ready to shed out about $120/month and suffer from embarrassing episodes of diarrhea.

Here's a question: Do you think it's worth sacrificing your health in the name of weight loss? If you're one of the sane ones who answered "NO" and still want to drop those pounds but SAFELY, read on for a healthier alternative.

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