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Lift Weights Faster

Lift Weights Faster with Jen Sinkler

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" Lift the weights more explosively; decrease rest periods between sets; finish the workout more quickly and spend LESS time in the gym.
The basis for Lift Weights Faster is to combine circuit and sprint workouts, with a decided absence of long, slow-distance workouts and NO TREADMILLS.
The Lift Weights Faster conditioning library includes 130 different workouts, so you have plenty to choose from.
Keeping your workouts enjoyable is vital to staying consistent.
Each workout is organized by both time and equipment at your disposal, so you can select one that works for you, every time.
I have been amazed by the progress and changes I've seen doing the Lift Weights Faster workouts.
Jen Sinkler's Lift Weights Faster workouts account for some of the most fun I have in the gym.
Jen Sinkler has merged strength, speed, and endurance into heart-pounding, challenging workouts.
I've personally performed many of the LWF workouts and I think they are absolutely fabulous.
The workouts are incredibly condensed yet still pack a punch.
Following these workouts will make your life easier.
Now, before we go any further, I want you to understand that when you pick up Lift Weights Faster, you're not just getting 130 incredible workouts.
Lift Weights Faster will show you so many new things, like these: Why excessive cardio is sabotaging your fat loss and how you can actually burn more fat while NEVER having to do a traditional cardio workout again.
The truth about marathon workouts and why you MUST dramatically shorten your training sessions for the fastest fat loss results.
How a unique challenge-based training method will have you progressing workout after workout, ensuring that the fat continues to melt away while you get stronger! A training method so powerful that you will burn more fat even after you're done working out.
You get 130 done for you workouts, each with in-depth instructions, as well as sections broken down easily by equipment and expected workout times.
Instant Access! The five Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workouts are specifically programmed to not only be fun and challenging, but also interactive.
A:You do not need a gym membership to do many of the workouts included in Lift Weights Faster.
One of the best parts about the Lift Weights Faster program is that the workouts are organized by category, based on equipment you have on hand.
A: You'd be surprised what kind of changes you can effect in that amount of time! If you're doing the workouts correctly, with proper form and steadily increased weight over time, and completing them more quickly, you'll continue to give your body reason to adapt.
While the Lift Weights Faster workouts can be used as a successful stand-alone program, it is not a mapped out, day-by-day program; it's more of a pick-and-choose conditioning library.
The workouts can very easily serve as conditioning finishers after your strength training session, if you're following a more traditional strength program.
A: Lift Weights Faster is a collection of full-body, strength-building, fat-burning workouts.
I can promise you that you will do these workouts, which have all been tested on clients and other trainers, because you will love them.
Plus, as I said before,Lift Weights Faster workouts can easily provide the conditioning supplement to a progressive strength program.
Because the workouts are organized both by equipment and time, you can select the ones that are appropriate for you in any environment.
Lift Weights Faster workouts include varying set and rep schemes, and different rest styles and workout structures, so cycle through different workouts to always present your body with a challenge.
Lack of motivation doesn't discriminate by gender, and neither do I. By enjoying your workout, you're more likely to stick with the program and continue outdoing your expectations, whether man or woman.
With our library of exercises, videos, workouts and how-to's, anyone can learn these the movements included in these workouts.
As we age, fat-burning hormones like growth hormone and testosterone begin to decline, so a program intended to spike these hormones, as Lift Weights Faster workouts do, can only benefit you in the long run, either young or old.

Lift Weights Faster

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