Short-term parking for just meeting someone at the airport is paid at an hourly rate, so that is not expensive. Long-term parking, however, is another matter. That can get very expensive very fast, depending on how long the vehicle is there. Those rates are daily, and can end up costing a small fortune. The best way to avoid long-term LaGuardia Airport parking is to have someone drop you off at the terminal. It may cost you breakfast, gas money, and an owed favor, but it will cost nowhere near the price of parking. That is not practical for all flight times, it may not be possible, and sometimes not preferable. Many people have to drive their vehicles to the airport and pay a lot of money. There are some alternatives to paying full price for parking.

Websites that have daily deals or coupons can help travelers get cheap LaGuardia airport parking rates. Coupons are free, so just print one off and bring it to the airport. Be careful and read the whole coupon before relying on the savings. Some coupons have restrictions, such as parking within certain days of the week, and some expire quickly. Check the dates that the coupon is valid to ensure the low parking rates match the dates of travel. Off-site parking lots near the airport will have the cheapest LGA parking rates. Free shuttle buses bring people to the airport every hour, every half-hour, or every twenty minutes, depending on which lot is chosen.

Plan ahead to take advantage of an off-site lot, as they fill to capacity quickly. Make a reservation as early as possible to ensure space. The daily rate is low, and most have no cancellation fees if travel plans change. Compare the pricing and the conditions of lots because they differ greatly. One lot may have outdoor parking and minimal security, and another will have covered or indoor parking, along with security guards on duty. Travelers can find links to off-site lots and daily deal sites, as well as other information and suggestions for parking tips at

There are hotels close to the airport that allow guests to park their vehicles free of charge while on vacation, or on a business trip. These accommodations are perfect for early morning departures, or late night arrivals. Free shuttles are available to get guests to their terminals on time. People who reside outside the immediate area, can take a bus to the airport to avoid the expense of long-term parking. Buses leave regularly from Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and other surrounding State. Prices vary, depending on the bus company, and can be as low as the price of one day of parking in the long-term airport lot. They will drop travelers off at their terminal, and get them to the airport on time.