While contractors go to great lengths to ensure safety at a building site, accidents can happen. For anyone who ends up being injured in one of those events, it pays to know what to do next. Here are some tips that will make it easier to move past the event and rest assured that all the medical bills are covered.

Seeking Medical Attention Quickly

Even with Construction site slip and fall accidents that do not seem to cause a severe injury, it pays to not take any chances. Seek medical attention immediately after the accident takes place. The goal is to determine if the accident caused any type of injury other than what is obvious. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, consequences of that accident may not be easy to detect. A thorough examination by a physician will determine if the injured party is likely to experience any complications in the days and weeks to come.

Filing Claims

Even if the injury seems to be minor, it pays to file a claim. Remember that the contractor does carry liability coverage on the construction site. That coverage can be used to help defray any costs that the injured party sustains from the event. This includes covering the cost of seeking medical attention, any type of ongoing care that is needed during the recovery period, and maybe even funds to offset any income lost due to not being able to work for a short time.

Seeking Legal Help

A key point to remember is that even if the injury seems to be minor, it pays to obtain legal counsel. A lawyer can take on the task of dealing with the insurance company and make sure the claim is filed properly. In the event that a representative attempts to talk with the injured party, all inquiries can be referred directly to the lawyer. This is important since the insurance company has a vested interest in finding any reason to reduce or even deny the amount of compensation claimed. By saying nothing to anyone and forwarding all requests for information directly to the lawyer, there is less chance of being offered anything other than a reasonable settlement.

Remember that slip and falls are not events that should be used to get rich quick. They do call for providing compensation that helps the injured party carry on even if the recovery period is prolonged. With the right legal counsel, the odds of being able to secure the financial resources necessary to maintain an equitable quality of life even during an extended recovery period are much higher.