More needs to be done to make sure every work site is safe. One of the main causes of on-the-job injuries is slip and fall. There are two kinds of slip and falls, on the same level and falling to a lower level. Both of these falls are common in construction jobs. Workers fall on the same level due to slippery floors and objects left on the ground. Workers often use scaffolds and ladders in construction. One slip of the foot and they will fall to the ground below. Unfortunately, these types of falls result in severe injuries. Sadly, accidents can be prevented if the proper safety measures are in place.

Victims need to consult with Workplace slip and fall attorneys. One of the main reasons to consult an attorney quickly is the changing face of a construction site. The site may look different from one day to the next. It is important to make a record of how the accident occurred and take photographs. Victims have the right to recover for all medical expenses. In fact, many victims can expect years of medical expenses if their injury is severe. Medical bills are one of the main tools used to calculate the amount of any settlement. In addition, people should be entitled to pain and suffering. The time spent by the victim for medical treatment is one of the indicators of pain and suffering.

Permanency is another factor that comes into play. Claimants with permanent injuries can demand higher settlements. That is because permanency means the claimant has lost some use of part of the body. Permanency also indicates that the claimant's ability to work is impaired. Any settlement must cover lost wages. That is the amount of money lost when someone is unable to work. Permanency affects the loss of future earnings for a claimant in different ways.

Sometimes, the victim may never be able to work again. On the other hand, they are able to work but not in the same job. The insurer may pay for the claimant to be trained for another job. In the alternative, the insurer will pay a fixed amount for lost earning capacity. The attorney makes sure that everyone responsible for the accident pays. Indeed, there may be more than one liable party if the fall was caused by defective equipment. For example, the scaffolding may collapse because of a defect. An experienced attorney makes sure claimants receive a fair settlement.