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Leverage Our “Keep Reading…” Feature for More Page Views

Content creators are always battling the almighty "scrolling culture." The massive amounts of content available on virtually every topic imaginable is why we created our "Keep reading…" feature. The "Keep reading…" function is a great way to organize your content while enticing your readers to stay on site, but there are a few strategic tips worth noting first to make sure you get the most out of the feature's benefits.

How "Keep Reading…" Works

The "Keep reading…" feature is located in the formatting toolbar of Entry Editor:

By clicking on it, you create a break in your content that will prompt users to click the call-to-action to read more. Here's what it looks like live on a site:

The "Keep reading…" feature can be enabled for mobile views only and disabled for desktop, or vice versa. You can control how it works from our Layout & Design tool:

Build a Strategy Around "Keep Reading…"

At RebelMouse, we recommend setting up your site so that "Keep reading…" shows up for all of your mobile content, and is disabled only for the lead story on desktop. When it comes to mobile, think about how unfortunate the user experience can be when you have to scroll through a long article just to get to the next piece of content. Chances are, a user will just abandon the site altogether.

By enabling "Keep reading…" on all mobile content, it provides a less obtrusive user journey for readers interested in seeing a variety of content quickly, rather than having to scroll through the entirety of content they're not interested in consuming at all.

Here's where to turn on "Keep reading…" just for mobile in our Layout & Design tool:

Disabling "Keep reading…" on desktop for the first article only is good for readers because it instantly gets them to the content they clicked on all at once. The post will be displayed in its entirety — including any dynamic media elements — on a larger surface area that usually doesn't require a significant amount of scroll time.

It's also beneficial to disable "Keep reading..." for the first story on desktop for SEO purposes. Google will be able to crawl the entire body of your article without it in place, so you have more chances to improve your relevancy score and rank on Google for the search phrase or phrases you're trying to win.

If you have any questions about how the "Keep reading…" feature works and what settings are best for your site, contact your account manager today. Happy posting!

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