Today's teachers must be like superheroes. They must ensure that their students are academically advancing according to schedule, and meeting or surpassing all state required standards. They must be aware of each student's well being, help them build confidence and grow in them a quest for knowledge and a lifelong love of learning. Pack that all into a 7 hour school day and there isn't much time left for anything else. After school and weekends most teachers are preparing lessons and evaluating student's work, grading papers and reading essays. Spending the time to develop a bright and colorful, exciting curriculum that is sure to hold the interest of the students is something many teachers wish they could do, but few ever have the time to do it.

Luckily, there are many websites for educators that offer online teaching resources, such as The mission of these helpful websites is to allow teachers to join with a community of other educators, sharing experiences, support, ideas and lesson plans with each other. Some enthusiastic teachers have spent time developing excellent student resources and educational materials that others may benefit from in the classroom. On this website, these creative educators have the option to offer, for purchase, their own personally developed curriculum and membership benefits to use in the classroom. This allows educators to locate ready to use, exciting new curriculum or unit studies about a particular subject of interest.

By purchasing educational lesson plans online, the teacher can determine exactly what will work well for her classroom of students. The ease of using a purchased curriculum or a unit study gives the teacher the option to integrate all subjects into one main focus of study. For example, a unit study on gardening may cover language arts (writing about a garden), mathematics (determining weights of vegetables picked), science (how seeds grow), nutrition (healthy eating) and even hands on activities such as planting seed in the classroom to watch them grow. By purchasing these inclusive lesson plans for teachers, all the teacher must do is purchase or borrow a few recommended books to read to the class and everything else is ready to go. This frees the teacher to teach the material without having to gather excessive materials or prepare intensive outlines or plans.

It goes without saying that most teachers have a love of students and want to help them foster an excitement for learning, but there are many ways to do that. Some teachers excel in creating material for students to use and others excel in the delivery of the material to the students. Both teacher's duties are equally important and both help to teach students essential skills for academic success.