Legionnaires disease is serious and may be fatal. It is an advanced form of pneumonia with lung inflammation. The disease is caused by exposure to legionella bacteria. Water is a main source of infection and some people may have a legal action. One has a claim if a person or company fails to monitor their water properly. Public water supplies should be disinfected and have the proper pH levels to kill germs. That is why public water is treated with chlorine and checked regularly.

Contaminated water is found in a variety of places including:

public showers

public swimming pools

water fountains

large air conditioning units

hospital and hotel water systems

Individuals who have been diagnosed with this illness should contact The Legionanaires Lawyer. Consult with the lawyer and find out if you have a claim. Indeed, the bacteria is located in water droplets, particularly aerosolized droplets. Most people get sick by inhaling the water. Additionally, produce sprayers in the grocery store may not be safe. Legionella bacteria is also found in infected soil. The main symptoms of the disease include a high fever, chills, cough, muscle pains and headaches. The good news is that the bacteria cannot be spread from one person to another and most people who are exposed do not get sick. The people who are most susceptible include:

people 50 and older


people with a chronic lung disease

people with compromised immune systems

Filing before the statute of limitations deadline for negligence for a Legionnaires' exposure is critical. The lawyer gathers and reviews the medical records before filing suit. The pleadings need to contain the most accurate information on the disease exposure. Legionnaire's lawsuits can be expensive because an expert may be needed. The expert must explain to the jury how exposure occurs and the significance of the illness. The Plaintiff is not expected to pay out of pocket. Cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means attorney fees and costs come out of a settlement. Hire the most experienced lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. This is a serious illness and there can be long term ramifications.