People enjoy photography as both a hobby and a career option. Often a love of photography begins with taking photographs of family, friends and household pets. After displaying their work online and in-person for others, people begin to realize that their skills are very much in demand.

In the past, students of photography were told to take courses at their local college or technical school. This was usually a fairly inexpensive way to work with instructors who could direct their talents into the direction they were looking for. These courses also allowed students to view photographs that could shape their vision of how pictures could be centered or given an abstract interpretation.

Unfortunately a formal education in photography is now way too expensive for many people who need to learn the basics. For those photographers who would like to bring their current work up to semi-professional levels, the act of obtaining student loans might not be realistic as a goal. There is also a time expenditure to take into consideration, which can be taxing for working individuals and single parents when attending evening classes.

Leave it to the world wide web to find a solution to this dilemma. Now everyone has a chance to learn photography from the convenience of their own computer screen. Through the many offerings of the website anyone interested in the field of photography can gain an appreciation for this modern form of art.

These web pages offer a chance for beginners, novice photographers and those who already have professional skills to improve on what they already know. There are sections filled with examples of pictures from artists famous in the field. Other online offerings include a section where budding photographers can learn tips and tricks of the trade from those already gainfully employed in this creative endeavor.

Unlike college courses or clubs devoted to the subject, this website was created for students of all ages to learn photography at their own pace. Each article and courses was chosen especially for the ease in which it could be viewed online. Armed with only one's home computer and a sense of imagination, tomorrow's photographers can learn their craft today.