New York City is known as the "Big Apple," and its citizens are evidently doing their best to get a big bite out of it. The reason for this statement is not a wild allegation. In 2011, the city that never sleeps paid out over $550 million in personal injury and Gersowitz Libo and Korek PC property lawsuits in damages and judgments. Personal injury lawsuits are definitely on the upswing, as so many areas are covered when discussing personal injury. Personal injury falls under tort law. In general, tort law is the administration of the law concerning one individual or parties causing injury to another. This could be anything from physical harm to personal property to rights deprivation.

A lot of personal injury lawsuits are because of automobile accidents, and if a person finds himself or herself in such a situation, there are a few things that need to be known about the personal injury laws in New York. For most personal injuries, there is a statute of limitations in New York of three years. This means the injured party has three years in which to file a claim in court against the party causing the injury. Because three years could run out quickly, it is certainly worth the investment to seek the best injury lawyers to help the injured party recover.

New York is a state in which sometimes the "no-fault" law can apply, or also sometimes, the shared fault. This means that in an accident, the injured party's insurance carrier is forced to pay for the damages to the injured. It makes no difference who is at fault. The shared fault law implies that in the event that the injured party is able to recover, any amount due may be lessened by any part that is deemed to be the claimant's fault. In any case, to get the best possible outcome, securing the aid of the best law firms is going to be the path.

Those who feel as if they are not being treated fairly by insurance companies on either side should seek to get help. After all, the insurance companies do not stay in business by paying policyholders the maximum amount they can. Gersowitz Libo Korek are attorneys in New York City who have been providing legal representation in personal injury cases for clients for over 31 years. If you are in an adverse situation because an accident of any kind has caused it, get some legal advice about how to recover. You can visit the website,