The worldwide human potential movement has been gaining steam for decades now. Instead of accepting whatever their backgrounds and circumstances might seem to suggest they were fated to, people are increasingly taking their destinies in their own hands. Refusing to settle for less than the realization of every dream and goal, they are searching for ways to make the most of their capabilities and finding them.

One of the consistent threads throughout the history of the movement has been the emphasis on positive thinking, focusing on goals, and never giving up. This basic outlook has taken many forms over time, but the most popular and successful systems, teachers, and books have almost invariably included some variation on this theme.

Over time, in fact, more of those who think about such issues have begun to regard this as something like a basic law of human achievement. Merely focusing consistently and without wavering on what is wanted in life and the possibility of obtaining it, many have come to believe, is probably the most important act of all.

That basic idea has become known as the the Law of Attraction, and it increasingly seems like the foundation upon which every successful person's efforts mostly rest. Law of Attraction teachers do not claim that there cannot be benefits from employing the particular strategies that other systems and books might offer, but they insist that sticking to this most basic of laws is the best way of making the most of their potential.

Making use of the the Law of Attraction in daily life turns out to be surprisingly easy to do. The essential idea is that simple, unbending focus on a goal is what matters the most, with everything else naturally falling into place as that is maintained. This means that making use of the law can be as easy as setting up a daily schedule that includes time to reflect on what is wanted and the realism of the associated goals.

Sites like The Secret make it simple to keep up with this kind of work. Offering a variety of tools that all aim at delivering the power of the law to those who might benefit from it, they are increasingly popular with people who want to derive the most possible from their lives. Even with many more specialized systems and approaches still gaining in popularity, the most important development of recent times, it might seem, could be the recognition and increased awareness of what appears to be a basic, universal law of human achievement.