The amount of damage done by insects to yards each year is staggering. Pest control is really a year around event even when the yard is covered in snow. Even though the pests aren't active at this time, spring will cause an explosion in their growth as they hunt for food. Thus, active pest control is necessary even in the winter months in Salt Lake City. These are some of the steps taken in regards to controlling these yard destroyers.

One of the first steps taken in lawn care salt lake city is to identify the type of pests that are invading. Since different treatments work for different pests, identifying the type of pests that haven take over is important. Some pests will leave signs such as a pattern in the destruction that is left behind. Others are identified by a visual inspection of an active nest site. Once the identification is made, a treatment plan is customized for that particular pest.

Another step taken is to inspect the entire yard for the extent of the invasion. Part of the salt lake city pest control method is to figure out how widespread the invasion of pests are. While all areas of the yard will be treated, this helps to identify the parts of the yard that need the most treatment. This includes areas where there is an active nest. In cases like an ant invasion, it is important that the queen is destroyed as well to prevent the pests from coming back.

Once the inspections of the yard are completed, the next step is to apply the prescribed treatment to the yard. Most treatments start at the base of the home. This is because some pests will run from the treatment. Starting at the house keeps the pests from seeking shelter in the home and causing another unwelcome invasion. On treatment day, all pets should be kept inside and taken for walks away from the treated yard to prevent accidental contact with the treatment. Make sure to wait the prescribed amount of time after treatment before letting pets venture back into the yard.

After that, the yard is monitored for the treatment's success and to identify any signs of future invasions. Some treatments will require more than one application to completely eradicate the pests.

These are the steps taken in the fight against pests in the yard. Contact Salt Lake City Pest Control and Lawn Care for more information on keeping your yard from becoming a food source for invading pests.