For most people, the ongoing cycle of shaving and waxing is something they'd rather do without. The constant battle to remove hair can be never ending. Advances in technology have allowed men and women to reduce and laser hair removal cost remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Laser Hair Removal in Perth works to reduce hair regrowth. In many instances, the hair is permanently gone. This is done using an effective laser to treat hair follicles at their source.

Aestheticians will use an IPL. An IPL, or intense pulsed light laser, is used for a wide range of cosmetic applications. It can help to rejuvenate and resurface the skin. In terms of hair removal, IPL lasers attack hair follicles to stunt their regrowth, thus providing smooth and hair free skin. It works by using a broad spectrum light source. The light source is very controlled. Light is filtered and cut off at specific frequencies to target microscopic structures. Contrary to traditional lasers, IPL Hair Removal in Perth is unique in the fact that the light spectrum used can target specific molecular structures.

Because the hair goes through numerous hair cycles, effectively treating an area may take multiple visits. Hair doesn't all grow at one time, but rather goes through different stages. The hair needs to be active for the laser to affect it. The procedure is quite simple. An aesthetician will use a wand to apply the light to the skin. The light travels through the numerous layers of skin until it reaches the hair shaft. It travels to the bulb of the hair shaft. The bulb contains a high amount of melanin, which produces the color. It also contains papilla, which causes hair growth. As the light reaches the bulb, it transforms into heat energy. The instant burst of heat destroys the papilla, stunting the regrowth of hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Perth will dramatically reduce the number of hairs in any given location. The procedure is gentle, yet powerful enough to treat even the thickest of hairs. It's a safe procedure that can be done on any part of the body. Everywhere from the face to the bikini line can be treated. Not only that, but the qualified aestheticians can treat large areas of the body effectively at one time. After multiple treatments, patients can expect to see smoother skin. There will be a dramatic difference in hair regrowth. Not only will there be a longer period of time in between shaving, but the hair that does regrow will be fine and less noticeable. Qualified aestheticieans at Liift Aesthetics will help to safely remove unwanted hair.