Laser hair removal can be split into two types – permanent and temporary. Temporary techniques include depilation (removing the hair on the surface of the skin) and epilation (removal of the entire hair, including the part beneath the skin). Hair removal via depilation typically lasts for a couple of days and is done by trimming or shaving (with electric shavers or manually). The depilatories which are utilized in this procedure include shaving powders or creams, as well as friction, i.e. utilizing rough surfaces to buff the hair away. Hair removal via epilation typically lasts for two or three weeks and can be done using tweezers, sugaring, waxing, rotary and threading epilators.

Permanent hair removal techniques remove the hair totally from the body. These methods mainly include laser and electrolysis treatment. Laser hair removal uses the selective photothermolysis mechanism, wherein a light of a particular wavelength, is applied to skin using a hand held device. It causes limited damage by heating only the dark target area referred to as melanin, which is responsible for hair growth, whilst not affecting other parts of the skin. Visit to learn more about this highly effective method of hair removal.

Essential Pointers

Lasers work best on individual with light skin and dark hair. This is because dark objects absorb the laser light easily. Contact A&E Syracuse to learn more facts about laser hair removal.

It has been discovered that hair develops in three stages – growing, resting, plus shedding. Pulsed lights or lasers target and impair the dark pigment (melanin) within the hair in the growing stage. If you are looking for a reliable hair removal clinic, you may want to check out A&E Syracuse.

A hair typically falls out within ten to fourteen days. You can utilize a gentle sugar scrub on the eleventh day because it aids exfoliate the skin as well as remove the hair.

Laser hair removal targets several follicles at a go, thus you can treat large portions of your skin in one go. It is most appropriate for treating arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, because it takes very little time compared to electrolysis method.

The treatment does not cause a great deal of pain and the lasers feel like a rubber strip popping on your skin. Nevertheless, for some individuals, it may be different because they might experience more pain in certain parts of the body.

The results of  laser hair removal cost laser treatment might not always be one hundred percent, because it works fine on certain individuals than others. On an average, there's at least eighty percent decrease in hair growth provided that the four to six session treatment is completed.