How to Choose a Gaming Laptop?

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1. Note the VGA chipset series and not much memory VGA
Mistakes are often made when people want to buy a gaming laptop that is more concerned with a large memory on VGA or VRAM than on the VGA chipset series. In fact to note is that the chipset series, not great memorynya. Different in terms of graphic design, VRAM is important but in gaming is not really needed.
In order to more easily choose VGA fit for gaming, note series chipset. Suppose NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M, how to read as follows:
- The first digit indicates generation, meaning the seventh generation VGA- The second and third digits indicate grade level or performance, the higher the number the better performance of a VGA.- The main thing that the second and third digits, eg Nvidia GeForce GT 720M performance is below the Nvidia GeForce GT 635M but the GT 635M more sophisticated technology for newer generation. VGA chipset series that I made above is a mobile version of the VGA chipset series, instead of the desktop version.

2. Do not ignore the role of processor

Many people are a higher priority than the VGA Processor when trying to buy a gaming laptop. They tend to choose VGA very good performance but not balanced with a good processor anyway.
It is not wrong, but it should be noted that the processor's role can not be underestimated again, because the more games that perform a variety of complex calculations on the processor.
In addition, the number of core / core which is owned by the processor can lighten the rendering process performed by VGA. I recommend choosing a laptop with a non-ULV processor, because the processor ULV series is not good for gaming.

3. Large RAM owned Laptop

The greater capacity of RAM which is owned laptop will run smoothly also the process of multitasking. Do not be too preoccupied with a clock speed of RAM for the average game today prefers clock speed RAM capacity than RAM.