Going on a first date is as stressful as going on an interview for the first time. There are plenty of thoughts, which would run in your mind and plenty of things that would leave you confused. During a confused state of mind, guides like the Language of Desire are a good choice.

If this is your first date too, the below 7 tips will help you to make it a perfect date that would stay in your memory for a lifetime:

1. Plan your date:

Nothing can work without a proper planning. If you do not plan your date or dating well, there are possibilities that you would either look stressed or dull during the entire time. Your planning must include the venue, location, time, day, choice of outfit and the activity that you intend to do with your date.

2. Pay during your first date:

The first rule of a perfect gentleman according to the guide of Language of Desire is to woo your date by paying the first check. Even if the girl insists to pay, do not let her pay as this is your first date. You may discuss on sharing your bills during the next meet.

3. Talk Confidently:

A lot of people misunderstand between talking confidently and boasting about self. You need to be calm, patient and sound confident. There is no point in sounding impatient or sounding overconfident. Wait for your turn to speak, but if you see the table going dull; it is better to start an interesting topic, which will enlighten the mood.

4. Be on time:

If you have planned this date, then the first thing that can impress any woman is the man's punctuality. The www.loveisnotabuse.com may take time to arrive, but they love the idea of seeing their partner waiting for them. The married women get used to this flaw in the later stages, but you have a long journey to reach there.

5. Learn the art of complimenting:

Complimenting the unmarried women is an art, and thus you need to check a few sites for giving compliments to your partner. Do not be too flowery with your words and sound too poetic. This is going to make your date feel conscious in your presence. Just be casual in your compliments and let her feel comfortable with you.

6. Be an attentive listener:

Apart from talking, what is more important is that you are attentive in listening to what she has to say. Be an attentive listener to her. This is surely going to make her feel comfortable in her talks with you.

7. Drive your girl back home:

Never ever expect your date to go back home alone. She has left her priorities to make a good date for you. It is thus wise to driver her bank home. If you had a romantic date during the first time it self, then there is nothing wrong in giving her a good night kiss either on her forehead or hand.