Keeping carpets clean is essential to a healthy home. Allergens, mold and mildew, odors, dirt, mites, fleas, and carpet beetles can settle into the carpet fibers making family members sick. Vacuuming frequently helps to eliminate the majority of dirt and organisms that are in the carpet. When vacuuming, make sure to move the cleaner in many directions to get the most debris out of the carpet. Vacuuming in only one direction will not be very effective. It is also important to make sure the bag or filter is cleaned, emptied, or replaced often. Follow the manufacture instructions regarding maintenance as well, to make sure the cleaner is operating at maximum capacity.

Cleaning up spills immediately will also help keep carpets clean. Blot spills rather than rubbing them to avoid them from seeping deep into the carpet fibers. Using mats or plastic runners in high traffic areas will also help keep the carpet clean. Entryways and central hallways are the best areas to add protection. When having new carpet installed, it is wise to have the carpet treated with scotch guard to help repel stains. Keeping the carpet clean will also prevent colors from fading, and fibers from clumping or flattening. Re-arranging the furniture every few months is another tip for a clean carpet. Indentations from the weight of the furniture wear down carpet in specific areas, and dust can collect under the furniture. Moving it will even out the wear and tear on the carpet in any room of the home.

Aside from regular cleaning, carpets should be professionally cleaned periodically. Auburndale carpet cleaners use the latest techniques for steam cleaning carpets, along with safe cleaning products. Professional carpet cleaning Bartow is recommended at least once a year, but will need to be done more frequently in certain situations. Heavy traffic areas, such as hotel lobbies or reception areas should be done every six months. Carpet cleaning services are cost-effective, and can usually be completed around customers schedules. If a home has young children or pets, carpets need to be professionally cleaned every three to four months. Clean carpets not only look nice, they are also healthier and free of odors.